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Space Command Redemption

By Bobby LePire | April 4, 2024

Space Command Redemption is an independent science fiction epic hoping to kick off a franchise. It was written and directed by Marc Scott Zicree, who has worked on Space PrecinctStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Sliders, alongside Elaine Zicree. The filmmakers use retro designs for the ships and costumes, recalling fan favorites of yesteryear, such as Fireball XL5. Is this simply nostalgia bait, or is there a concrete story that keeps things soaring?

Jack (Ethan McDowell) is a pilot who doesn’t just fly; he soars. His daring maneuver to save a disabled ship from crashing is a testament to his skills and bravery. His heroic act not only saves the lives of Vonn Odara (Mira Furlan) and her daughter Jelena (Jelena Mrdja), but also earns him a promotion to captain and command of his own starship, a true inspiration for us all.

Meanwhile, Yousef (Robert Picardo) finds an android, or “synthetic,” who has been damaged. While trying to repair the artificial being, Yousef discovers that he is Dor Neven (Doug Jones), the original synthetic, and that his inhibitor chip is broken. The synthetic begs the man not to repair it. In doing so, Yousef, who just wants his tour to be over and get back to his son, sets off a chain reaction that threatens to tear the fabric of society apart. Of course, Captain Jack is sent in to try and take care of the situation before irreparable harm comes to anyone or anything.

“…Dor Neven, the original synthetic…his inhibitor chip is broken.”

Space Command Redemption runs a hefty 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 6 seconds long, including credits. Suffice it to say a lot is going on, and it mostly works. There is some backstory that slows the momentum down and doesn’t pay off as well as one would hope. Also not working is the scene where Jack tries to give his new crew a pep talk. Yes, within the film, it is not meant to work and is received poorly by others. But the moment is not funny enough to work and is one of the only outright goofy moments of the entire enterprise. It takes away from the otherwise consistent tone. Finally, the computer graphics are obviously just that, but the ships do contain a lot of detail, just not texture, so this could be considered a wash.

Beyond those issues, this is a rousing space adventure. McDowell is highly likable, and Maraffino is tons of fun. Jones once again proves how great an actor he is, even when not under pounds of prosthetics. Picardo is sincere and shares good chemistry with Jones. Furlan, perhaps best known for Babylon 5, excels as the awe-struck archaeologist in over her head.

Thematically, Space Command Redemption ventures into familiar territory, but it does so in a stimulating manner. Can artificially intelligent beings have a soul? This age-old question is not just explored but handled with sensitivity and intelligence, inviting us to ponder the nature of humanity and consciousness.

Space Command Redemption is epic in scope, especially for an indie production. While there are a few flaws, they don’t detract from the overall experience, especially the ending, which is fantastic. The cast is remarkable from start to finish, and the filmmakers clearly thought through their cinematic world.

For more information, visit the official Space Command Redemption site.

Space Command Redemption (2024)

Directed and Written: Marc Scott Zicree, Elaine Zicree

Starring: Ethan McDowell, Mira Furlan, Jelena Mrdja, Doug Jones, Robert Picardo, Bruce Boxleitner, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Space Command Redemption Image


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