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Six Years Gone

By Bobby LePire | November 10, 2022

Written and directed by Warren Dudley, Six Years Gone follows loving mother Carrie Dawson (Veronica Jean Trickett). One seemingly normal day, she gets her daughter, Lolly (Anna Griffiths), ready for school. While not working today, Carrie does a few things, including meeting up with her significant other for a good time. But the fun does not last long, as Carrie’s mom, Mary (Sarah Priddy), never picked Lolly up after school as intended. Earlier, Lolly mentioned that she thought she was going to her dad’s, so Carrie calls him. Nope, she’s not there. So Carrie calls the police, who search for her.

Six years later, Carrie is a broken shell of who she once was, while Mary’s mental acuity is declining. But, a message about a missing person on Carrie’s Facebook page sends her on a harried quest to uncover the truth. Carrie is convinced the latest missing child’s abduction is connected to her Lolly. The truth is more dangerous than she could have anticipated.

“…a message about a missing person on Carrie’s Facebook page sends her on a harried quest…”

Six Years Gone has a few subplots that don’t totally seem to be relevant. But, the third act ties each character and strand together in surprising ways. It is a wonderfully cathartic finale that the moving score and Trickett’s brilliant performance make work on every possible level. Dudley keeps the film running smoothly with a tight pace and intense story turns. No scene, even one very uncomfortable one, goes on too long. This helps keep the intrigue and drama on an even keel, especially when things appear to be utterly hopeless.

Trickett is in every scene, darn near every frame even, and she is outstanding. She’s not afraid to get ugly in a figurative sense, which makes Carrie feel all the more authentic. When she breaks down crying on the beach because her daughter isn’t there, the character’s anguish is palpable. The actor shows an equally tender side when taking care of her mom. The supporting cast is also good, with Priddy and Karl Kennedy-Williams, as Karl, being exceptionally great.

Six Years Gone is an emotional rollercoaster that is well worth riding. The thrills are high, the drama tangible, and the conclusion perfect. Led by a stunning Veronica Jean Trickett, the movie compels anyone watching to stay until the very end.

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Six Years Gone (2022)

Directed and Written: Warren Dudley

Starring: Veronica Jean Trickett, Anna Griffiths, Sarah Priddy, Karl Kennedy-Williams, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

Six Years Gone Image

"…[Trickett] is outstanding."

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