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By Alan Ng | September 22, 2020

A group of friends heads off to the California high desert for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Still, like a good thriller, everyone has alternative motives for being there in Beth Dewey and Justo Diaz’s Shadowland.

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Days before, Zach (James Preston) receives a message from his biological father—a man he’s never met. It appears that Zach’s father wants to meet him for unexplained reasons and asks that they meet in a small town in the middle of Death Valley. Hesitant, yet still obsessing about his abandonment issues, Zach grabs his friends Elliot (Jonathan Dane), Cara (Jeneta St. Clair), Abbie (Jess Adams), and Javier, and head off on a road trip to oblivion.

“…Zach’s father wants to meet him for some unexplained reason and asks that they meet in a small town…”

When they arrive at the predetermined location, our gang of friends is fired upon by a hidden sniper, who listens to Right-Wing conspiracy theorist Freedom Dave (Joseph Nelson) on the radio as he hunts down his targets. While running for cover, Cara twists her ankle and can’t walk. Zach and Elliott split from the group to find help. Finding their car sabotaged, the pair escape and run into the mysterious Roberta (Bridget Brookman) in the nearby town, who radios for help. Or does she?

Who’s firing on our band of heroes? Who is Roberta, and can she be trusted? What’s up with Zach’s father? What secrets are our heroes hiding? Why is Cara on this trip in the first place?

Shadowlands (2020)

Directed: Beth Dewey

Written: Beth Dewey, Justo Diaz

Starring: Jess Adams, Bridget Brookman, Jonathan Dane, James Preston, Jeneta St. Clair, E. Shepherd Stevenson, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Shadowlands Image

"…draws inspiration from...Barker Ranch (infamously associated with the Manson Family)."

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