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Sexual Drive

By Alan Ng | April 22, 2022

Not so long ago, the term, Food Porn, took on a life of its own as food docs after more food docs went on a full assault on our tastebuds. What we really need now is an actual food porn film as sex and food make the perfect pairing in Yoshida Kota‘s feature film, Sexual Drive.

Sexual Drive is an anthology of sorts. The first chapter is about titled and features the delicacy known as Natto, a sticky soybean fermented by the natto bacteria. Graphic designer Enatsu is visited by a mysterious stranger known as Kurita, who is there to confess about an affair he’s been having with Enatsu’s wife, Masumi. Kurita’s repentant spirit matches Enatsu’s sadness about his sexless marriage…that is until Kurita finds Masumi’s discarded bits of Natto, whose stinky aroma instantly reminds him of Masumi’s crotch-u-lar region, which sets off the sensual story of how Kurita and Masumi first met. Kurita’s tale is both creepy and somewhat erotic…enough to ignite a once lost passion in Enatsu.

“…discarded bits of Natto, whose stinky aroma instantly reminds him of Masumi’s crotch-u-lar region…”

The second chapter highlights the spicy Mapo Tofu dish. Akane is a young woman desperately trying to conquer her panic disorder by getting behind the wheel of her car for the first time in a long time. The goal is to go to the market and purchase Mapo Tofu for her husband. While cautiously driving down the street, she accidentally hits the again mysterious Kurita. Rather than call the authorities, Kurita insists that Akane drive him home. Along the way, Kurita reveals that he and Akane were in second grade together, and she bullied him relentlessly to the point that he found sexual pleasure from being dominated.

The final chapter is about ramen with extra backfat. Ad executive Ikeyama receives a phone call from the recurring Kurita saying he abducted his lover. To find her, Kurita guides Ikeyama to her location at a ramen shop, and he sees her seated, awaiting a bowl of ramen…with extra backfat. Kurita speaks to him in that oh-so-sensual voice, describing the oh-so violent nature of masticating that juicy backfat in a bowl of ramen. He likens it to that sadistic pleasure the woman gets in return.

Sexual Drive (2022)

Directed and Written: Kôta Yoshida

Starring: Manami Hashimoto, Ryô Ikeda, Mukau Nakamura, Honami Satô, Tateto Serizawa, Shogen, Rina Takeda, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Sexual Drive Image

"…sex and food make the perfect pairing..."

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