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By Chris Salce | October 22, 2019

I can not say that there is a stand out actor in this film because I feel that they all bring a lot to the table. Each actor does a great job at making their character believable, and the way they lend their talents to the film just makes it that much better. But I can say that my favorite character was Darnell (Vander). Vander’s character provides the most conflict, heat, and even some laughs, which brings me to my next topic.

Some would think that when the film has four characters in one area for 95 percent of it, a lot rides on the dialogue to make up for the setting being able to help the plot move forward. In this case, the plot is part of the conflict of the story, and the dialogue does exactly what it needs to do. The dialogue was outstanding, and Joe Harvey deserves to be noticed for that. Each personality in the film is different from the next, and each role is defined. The actors do great at delivering the dialogue.

“Harvey and Hannawin do a great job at keeping the film intense, suspenseful, and unpredictable. It is all-around a stellar film…”

Now it’s time to talk about the film’s cinematography. The cinematography was almost as great as the dialogue, that’s just how much I loved the dialogue. But the cinematography has some standout moments in the film with a few continuous shots that have the camera swing from one character to the other in a very smooth way – It was something I was hoping the film would have, and it did. The swinging of the camera helps it feel like you are a part of this small apartment and helps create an even more claustrophobic feeling, which is something the film’s synopsis promises – that promise is kept.

Harvey and Hannawin always keeps the film intense, suspenseful, and unpredictable. It is all-around a stellar film that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The only issue I had with the film was a part of the ending, which I will not really discuss because I do not want to spoil it for anyone. Regardless, it is a film that needs to be seen and talked about.

Scales (2019)

Directed: Nathan Hannawin

Written: Joe Harvey

Starring: Anthony Vander, Kamal Simpson, Kane Surry, Nicola Roffe, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Scales Image

"… is a film that needs to be seen and talked about."

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