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By Bobby LePire | March 4, 2021

Then there’s Leslie’s boss, the lawyer Victor (Adrian LePeiteir). He is such an over-the-top, stereotypical portrayal of a gay man that it seems the actor is channeling Robin Williams in The Birdcage. It is bad optics and might offend some viewers to a large degree.

However, Revisitant works overall thanks to strong direction and a rather fantastic cast. Flashbacks and nightmares are woven throughout the story and are ingeniously employed. The creepy images of the dreams are projected onto smoke, given the whole thing that much more of an eerie supernatural vibe. The flashbacks are not as telegraphed as one might think (again, minus the full-on explanation of how everyone is related). The way the horror flick moves through time adds a layer of intensity to the proceedings, each thread crescendos at the same time.

“…works overall thanks to strong direction and a rather fantastic cast.”

While the adult actors don’t always seem like they are in the horror movie, they are still pretty good. Lisa Enos Smith’s chemistry with her on-screen children (and friend of the kids) is exceptional, and her love for them is felt through and through. In a few brief scenes, Simms absolutely sells Samantha’s love of her husband and the fear of what she’s experiencing. Tracy Wiu is Samantha’s best friend, Maya, who becomes embroiled in trying to help this family is believable when discussing evil spirits and ancient curses.

However, it is the young thespians who own every moment of Revisitant. Maya Smith and Amanda Smith share excellent chemistry and when the horrific events began, have the audience rooting for them to survive. But even they are outshone by the youngest member of the cast, Jade Rattigan, who burdens a lot of the twists on her shoulders. Luckily, the energetic girl is more than up to the task. She is full of life in every scene and once she becomes possessed, goes from spunky to frightening in zero seconds flat. Her comedic delivery, with lines such as “What’s libertine mean?” is just as excellent as well. Rattigan is a star in the making; just wait and see.

Revisitant is not a flawless title, as the story stops cold to explain certain elements, and the tone feels wrong in some scenes. But, Binkowski’s stylish direction helps keep the film from feeling like just another typical haunting tale. Plus, the actors, Maya Smith, Amanda Smith, and Jade Rattigan especially, all nail their roles, so even when the plot hits a few bumps, the audience absolutely remains invested in the fate of these characters.

Revisitant (2021)

Directed: Jon Binkowski

Written: Jon Binkowski, Stephen DeWoody

Starring: Jade Rattigan, Maya Smith, Amy Smith, Lisa Enos Smith, Tracy Wiu, Michele Simms, Marc Musso, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Revisitant Image

"…Rattigan is a star in the making..."

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