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Three vignettes tie together corresponding to the beginning, middle, and end stages of a relationship.

The first part of three vignettes “The Brothers Karamazov” sees two strangers meeting at a bar. Delaney (Clare Cooney) is studying for her doctorates as she is approached by Paul (Kevin Wehby) who thinks it may be destiny that the two are the lone patrons of a bar on a Sunday night. The two somehow get to know each other over a game of strip literary trivia. This part serves as the introduction and the beginning stage of a relationship.

Part two is called “Cats and Dogs,” which follows a couple, Andy (Rashaad Hall) and Rob (Matthew Sherbach), as they go for a leisurely stroll to the beach. The couple discusses whether Andy is truly a dog or cat person. During the stroll, they come across a few citizens around the neighborhood that all happen to have pets. The debate goes on until the two finally reach the beach where a surprise awaits Andy.

“…catch her lover in the act of cheating with another woman in the apartment the couple shares together.”

The last of the three vignettes is the ending stage of a relationship appropriately titled “The End is the Beginning.” In this vignette we see Julie (Nina Ganet) catch her lover in the act of cheating with another woman in the apartment the couple shares together.

All three vignettes are written and directed by Michael Glover Smith, but it seems like each vignette has a different director. Each has its own style, so it’s easy to think that it would be directed by several different directors. What this shows is that Smith can direct different styles of film and has a lot to offer the film world.

“…seems like each vignette has a different director.”

The fact that the film does not have any household names included does not take away from the fact that the actors in each vignette have some talent. The one actor that really stood out was Nina Ganet who played the girlfriend of the cheating lover in the third vignette. The vignette was mostly a one-woman performance where she was talking straight to the camera, aware that she was being filmed. I have not taken any acting lessons, but watching years and years of film, I realize how hard it is for an actor to act on screen by themselves, and Nina does a great job. I also felt that the third vignette which Nina was in was the most compelling of the three. Overall, I felt that the idea of having three vignettes make up three different stages of a relationship was a fun idea. 

Rendezvous in Chicago (2018) Directed and written by Michael Glover Smith. Starring Clare Cooney, Maggie Scrantom, Kevin Wehby, David McNulty, Rashaad Hall, Matthew Sherbach, Nina Ganet, Shane Simmons, Melanie McNulty.

7 out of 10 stars

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  1. Michael Smith says:

    Thank you so much for your favorable and perceptive review of my film. Please note, however, that RENDEZVOUS is not considered a “short.” It is definitely a feature-length film and has been programmed as such by 9 film festivals and counting.

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