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By Lorry Kikta | May 11, 2020

After some mindpower and running from the alien-robots, Isaac and Sara discover they’re in Costa Rica. Graves and his mysteriously unnamed agency are chasing them. The duo on the lam must continue their mission to get to Carl, but first, they are sent to see Zed (Christian Prentice) by a young woman at a restaurant. She doesn’t tell Agent Graves where Isaac and Sara are when he comes by the restaurant later to find them. Zed has a computer at another restaurant when the robot alien guys try to find them, and luckily all three escape unscathed. The alien-robots are apparently ISRP police, ISRP being the International Space Research Program, which a top-secret offshoot of the UN. Zed helps Isaac and Sara on their quest with his knowledge.

“…the production design…is pretty spectacular, especially in the ISRP lab and in Carl’s place.”

I was not one hundred percent enthralled with Proximity. I found the acting to be a little stunted and the plot to be very similar to one of the cheesier episodes of The X-Files. However, the production design by Christian Snell is pretty spectacular, especially in the ISRP lab and in Carl’s place. While it’s obvious that the movie is an independent production due to the lack of big names, it doesn’t look like a low budget movie most of the time. Even the visual effects by Evgeny Rodygin don’t look that fake, which is hard to pull off even for films with bigger budgets.

Something that bothers me about Proximity is my inability to tell whether or not the movie is trying to be meta or if it is by accident. I’m going with the latter, but it’s honestly too hard to tell. The acting seems too serious for the film to be lampooning the genre, but some of the more hackneyed plot elements make me think that this movie can’t be serious. If you can get past that, you may enjoy the film more than I did. Structurally, however, I have no complaints. If you’re a hardcore sci-fi devotee, then I recommend seeing this movie. If you’re not, I might skip it.

Proximity (2020)

Directed and Written: Eric Demeusy

Starring: Ryan Masson, Highdee Kwan, Christian Prentice, Shaw Jones, Don Scribner, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Proximity Image

"…takes an indie stab at this beloved subgenre of science fiction."

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  1. J. LittleWolf says:

    Personally I loved this movie, and have watched it several times. I really engaged with the characters, and I liked the fact that the actors were unknown as sometimes big names detract from the plot. The cinematography was captivating especially the out door scenes. I loved the special effects with the ISRP police basically white robots. I liked the way that Isaccs arm separates to reveal the tracker that was hidden inside. When the cabin is getting slot up I love the bit that shows a slow mo of a skull being split apart. I also liked the idea of aliens looking for their creator, just like the rest of us. All in all I thought that it was a great film, I’d give it 10 out of 10.

  2. Josue Capella says:

    Isnt the carl Meissner story in this about Travis Walton from Fire in the Sky?

  3. Jim Claytor says:

    LOVE THIS FILM ! I can relate………………………………………………………

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