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By Alan Ng | October 9, 2022

NOW ON HULU! One of the most challenging obstacles in finding love is that day when you meet your intended’s parents. But for one young lover, meeting the parents takes on a whole other meaning in writer-director Conscian Morgan’s horror short, NZU.

Today is the day that the young Hamish (Shaun Yusuf), a civil servant by trade, is going to meet his finance Renna’s (Rebecca Layoo) Nigerian parents. After a very brief and cordial introduction to Renna’s father, Dr. Oba (Joseph Mydell), Hamish means well but instantly makes a few cultural missteps and faux pas during casual conversation. For example, “When did you leave your country…?”

“With the spirits on the move, Hamish sees images from his past… his ancestral past.”

Unimpressed and suspicious, Dr. Oba invites Hamish and Renna to participate in a spirit-cleaning ceremony, where Hamish is handed a mirror. With the spirits on the move, Hamish sees images from his past… his ancestral past.

Filmmaker Conscian Morgan tells a dark and haunting horror tale that addresses the racial divide between blacks and whites. As a genre offering, the short film presents many horrific images but never goes for terror, as that is not its message. Instead, NZU addresses the conversation regarding justice for the crimes of slavery. Morgan’s message questions whether we can truly move forward in reconciliation unless the sins of the past are confronted.

NZU effectively uses horror to make its point. More accurately, it poses a serious question. Now my only question is, where should we go from here?

NZU (2022)

Directed and Written: Conscian Morgan

Starring: Joseph Mydell, Shaun Yusuf McKee, Rebecca Layoo, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

NZU Image

"…effectively uses horror to make its point."

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