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Murder Death Koreatown

By Alan Ng | March 6, 2020

If you’ve ever gone to a Film Threat panel at various festivals and conventions, you’ve heard Chris Gore talk about there being no excuse to make a movie today. With recent upgrades to cellphones, anyone can create a 4K film with just an idea and a phone. Then came to the Film Threat offices the film Murder Death Koreatown—just to prove anyone can make a movie.

Murder Death Koreatown is a “found footage film,” and to maintain kayfabe, very little information is given regarding the actual filmmaker, other than Unnamed Footage Festival produces it.

Recently let go from his job, our protagonist filmmaker takes it upon himself to create his own content. Smart move, when you’re in between jobs. Living in Los Angeles Koreatown, he decides to look closer into his neighbor’s murder. The police already closed the case because all evidence points to the neighbor’s wife as the killer. But, I suppose, when you have time, why not continue the investigation. No one else is.

“…he decides to look closer into his neighbor’s murder…when you have time, why not continue the investigation.”

With cellphone in hand, our amateur investigator starts questioning people in the neighborhood, the building manager (where it happened), friends, and family. Everyone claims not to know anything, but our protagonist is relentless in his search. Discussing the facts with his girlfriend, she plays along for a while but insists he stop and find some real work.

As our hero digs deeper, he comes across mysterious notes hidden in plain sight near the crime scene. His problem is they’re all written in Korean. He finds someone willing to translate the passages for him and uncovers a conspiracy involving the “pastors.” The translator soon freaks out and warns him to stop. Too deep into the investigation, our unwitting detective must keep going…must not stop. He finds a breakthrough in a strange homeless man. But is this homeless man crazy, or does he know what’s really going on?

Murder Death Koreatown (2020)

Directed and Written: Unnamed Footage Festival

Starring: Unkown, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Murder Death Koreatown Image


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