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The Remarkable Films of Director Mukesh Asopa

By Film Threat Staff | March 7, 2021

Mukesh Asopa is an award-winning film director, actor, and producer whose work has been lauded by film festivals across the globe. He is a member of DGC (Directors Guild of Canada), as well as an alumnus of the prestigious Barry John acting studio. After completing his university degree, he completed his post-graduation in Business Management and had a short span of corporate profile. After moving to Canada at the age of 24, Asopa made his film debut in 2006 with such features as No Place to Hide, Karim, and Bollydouble. In 2007, he played the role of Officer Rod in the television series Pastor Greg, which aired on multiple American networks during its run. After appearing in David J. Francis’ 2008 film Reel Zombies, Asopa launched his own film production company called Asopa Films Inc. Having built up experience in the film industry, Asopa was able to fuel his well-earned business acumen, ambition, and boundless energy into working on scripts, winning long-time collaborators to his side, and arranging finances for his own feature film projects as an independent filmmaker in his own right. From hereon out, Asopa wore multiple hats for each of his productions, both in front of the screen and behind it, overcoming all hurdles and balancing responsibilities to bring his personal touch to each film. The first of these, Aisha and Rahul, was released in 2009 and was warmly received in multiple film festivals. That same year, Asopa also filmed The Taste of Relation, a story of an immigrant family whose personal values clash with cultural differences in their new home. The Taste of Relation won several awards at such festivals as the Las Vegas International Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival,California Film Awards and the Amsterdam Film Festival. In 2010, Asopa directed Zombie Beach, which had a theatrical release in the United States. He followed that up with the critically acclaimed 2012 film Chambers Gate. Asopa’s most recent film, Depth of Pyaar, has been one of his most critically acclaimed films yet, with over 50 awards secured and more than 40 other nominations. As with Asopa’s other films, Depth of Pyaar is available on OTT platforms, and it is also currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Inspire TV.

“…masterful blending of genres such as horror, thriller, drama, and romance, resulting in a unique flavor which stands out from mainstream film.”

A defining trait of Asopa’s film making is his masterful blending of genres such as thriller, horror, drama, and romance, resulting in a unique flavour which stands out from mainstream film culture. He loves to work with each object in the film and defines them as an integral part of the foreground or background. Thus, both living and non-living elements within his films further the story for his audiences. Asopa also values the spoken word; in his own words, “Dialogue delivery is very crucial for an artist in the film, as it portrays the texture of a movie and decides whether it will be accepted by audience or not”. Always in awe of movie making, Asopa has dedicated his life to filmmaking as a challenging art form. Applying thorough research and his own creative spirit to each project, Asopa continually provides thought-provoking content which defies convention. All this has resulted in Asopa building an audience in North America and a devoted following around the world. 

Recently, Asopa is submitting his latest film Bloody Romeo to film festivals worldwide in anticipation of the film’s release. After more than a decade’s worth of experience as an actor-filmmaker, as well as literal dozens of award wins and nominations, Asopa has confirmed that the role of Romeo Quadros in Bloody Romeo is his favorite thus far.

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  1. Nicole J says:

    After reading the article, I went ahead and watched the trailer of his movies on IMDb and was highly impressed. I watched his Chambers Gate on Roku and then finished watching his Depth of Pyaar on Amazon Prime. I will rate this talent 9/10 for such a phenomenal achievements. Wish him good luck for keep creating such entertaining stories .

  2. Christy Statham says:

    Very Cool. Watched trailers of the movies on YouTube and ordered few of his movies online on Amazon . Watched through end. He got talent 👏👏

  3. Jenny says:

    Finished watching his Zombie Beach and Depth of Pyaar. I really enjoyed both the movies straight through finish. Kudos to the amazing creators .

  4. Radha Rani says:

    Really Remarkable filmmaker!!! Just finished watching his Depth of Pyaar with family and friends here at San Jose in California.Congratulations!!!!

  5. Jason M says:

    Watched his Depth of Pyaar on Amazon Prime here in the Hollywood . Rated 8/10. Good work.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Watched all the trailers of his movies online. Looks very creative work out there. Will watch his full movie on Amazon prime with my team here at the studio in the Hollywood.

  7. John says:

    I watched his Zombie Beach in the theatre here in Washington with my friends in 2014 and was very impressed. Very entertaining. I checked out trailers of few of his other movies and liked all of them. Very versatile film maker.

  8. Jason says:

    I watched his zombie flick with my GF and her friends here in San Francisco, I was well entertained but they loved the movie and started dancing on the rap music video in climax. Mukesh and his team are very talented. Good Luck Bro.

  9. Nicole J says:

    Amazing works out there. I watched all his movies and enjoyed each one for various positive reasons. Will highly recommend audiences to watch and find out his outstanding works out there .

  10. Michael Jonas says:

    Watched three of his movies and was amazed with the kind of work he got. I was impressed with the trailers on IMDb and watched his Depth of Pyaar, Zombie Beach and The Taste of Relation. Outstanding work out there to check out. Highly recommend his movies to audience.

  11. Guru says:

    Movie available on Amazon Prime U.S.
    Nice movie, I loved it.
    Mukesh and team is very hard working.
    Thanks for creating such a great moovies

  12. Richard Jones says:

    Awesome man! Watched his movies on Amazon and they are very impressive works. Highly recommend everyone to watch them. 👏👏👏👏

  13. Steve Johannson says:

    Watched few of his movies. Liked his work. Entertaining and good quality works.

  14. Nicholas Hollywood says:

    I was not sure if this person and his work is remarkable until I watched his Depth of Pyaar and then Zombie Beach. Highly Impressed. 👏👏😊👍

  15. Lucas Martin says:

    Being a thriller and horror movies fan, I watched the trailers of his movies and then on Amazon Prime to watch full film. Very entertaining with a lots of quality content.

  16. George Bentley says:

    Very Impressive. I went on the IMDb profile of Mukesh and watched all film trailers he made. Number of awards he received are outstanding. Watched his Depth of Pyaar on Amazon Prime with my wife here in San Francisco recommended my friends and relatives and all liked the movie. 👏👏👍

  17. Jeff Simpson says:

    Finished watching Mukesh Asopa”s Depth Of Pyaar and rated the film 8/10. Good Work.

  18. Jessica Cameron says:

    Movies when entertains you it’s fun but when it got a message it becomes awesome . Being a producer based in Hollywood I was impressed watching Zombie Beach, Depth of Pyaar and te movies trailers. Congratulations Mukesh on all these valuable works you have been doing. Will collaborate soon.

  19. Christopher says:

    An Amazing film maker I recently discovered while watching movies during this Quarantine periods. On Amazon Prime here in Hollywood in California I watched his Depth of Pyaar and Zombie Beach . Very entertaining and thoughtful movies. This guy will succeed no doubt.

  20. Adam Tracy says:

    Watched his Depth of Pyaar on Amazon prime , a good story teller. Watched trailers of his other movies , very impressive.Good Luck Man.

  21. John Martin says:

    Congratulations 👏 👏. I watched few of his past movies. Good Work.

  22. Rajesh Asopa says:

    Excellent movie boody Romeo

  23. Rajesh Asopa says:

    It’s really great Mukesh Asopa from very early age started acting, production & shows his talent worldwide. Wish him all the best 👍💯

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