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Kyle Johnson writes, and Tanner directs Sinderella. Sindy (S. Watkins) is tired of being treated like dirt by her stepmother and stepsister, Anna (Cassidy Rose) and Eva (Wendy Miklos). After one dreadful night, the demon Asmodeus (Austin Basham) offers her a deal for revenge.

This section is a lot of fun. Sex and raunchy humor are much better integrated here than in the opening. Watkins is relatable as the sad sack who feels the world is out to get her. While it lacks frights, Basham’s charismatic turn as the horned demon makes that an easily forgivable issue.

The Real Boy does not work. Written by Richard Tanner and directed by Dan Beck, this “Pinocchio goes into porn” story is a giant snoozefest. It fails to titillate, scare, or hold one’s interest. It seemingly lasts 600 hours and offers no point. Not helping matters is Jon Devlin’s appalling special effects makeup – the man made of wood just looks like a guy in full-on brown body paint. This is trash through and through.

“…oozes atmosphere…”

The Big Bad follows a prostitute, Jane Wolfe (Erin Brown), who kills someone, though the reason might come as a surprise. Kyle Johnson’s screenplay effectively sets up the why but never pushes the envelope, so this is just an old story that has been told many times before. Director Richard Tanner at least creatively uses colors and lighting to sell a grimy tone that works for this intense tale. Plus, Brown proves commanding enough of a screen presence to make the role work.

The Little Red Hood, written and directed by Tanner, is about a secretive love affair that turns deadly. Wolfe (Alexandra Harkins) is being treated to a vigorous show by Little Red (Quianna Harper) when her ex (Brittany Hicks) busts through the door. But, who the real victim is will surprise all involved.

This is just pointless. Maybe it’s Harkins annoying breaking of the fourth wall. Perhaps it is how nothing happens, seemingly by design. Nothing here works or is all that interesting, and it’s a bummer that this is the tale to end on.

Happily, the conclusion of Mother Noose And The Assistant is how this actually ends, and it is great. So overall, Mother Noose Presents Once Upon A Nightmare is very uneven and a wee bit obnoxious at times. But when it works, it proves to be very engaging and creepy. Now, can I please get Jezibell Anat as this character in a more structured film all about her? Because that has the potential to be great.

Mother Noose Presents Once Upon A Nightmare (2021)

Directed: Richard Tanner, Dan Beck, Eric E. Poe

Written: Richard Tanner, Kyle Johnson, Eric E. Poe

Starring: Jezibell Anat, Wayward Vixen, John Wayne Miller, Nik Uttam, Jack Allison, Allison McLeod, S. Watkins, Cassidy Rose, Wendy Miklos, Erin Brown, Alexandra Harper, Quianna Harper, Brittany Hicks, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Mother Noose Presents Once Upon A Nightmare Image

"…can I please get Jezibell Anat as this character in a more structured film all about her?"

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