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Money Machine

By Bobby LePire | May 5, 2020

Then there’s the founder of the Las Vegas Incidents Group, Mike Slyman. He is a big-hearted man that wants to help, but not forget, all the tragedies that befall his beloved city. Denison also scores a massive coup by interviewing Eric Paddock, Stephen’s brother. Eric goes on at length about his brother’s gambling addiction and how angry he got when new owners of his preferred casino started dialing back comps and perks, or not honoring such when they said they would. Eric is convinced that this is why Stephen began planning his attack.

Of course, the suit, subsequently dropped by MGM Resorts, who owns Mandalay Bay, towards the victims of the shooting is dealt with. No one from citizens of Las Vegas to lawyers, to those in law enforcement and security, believes the giant corporation is in the right, both morally and legally. But hearing from the victims and others directly involved but how devalued they felt, how hurt the lawsuit made them, is gut-wrenching.

“…interesting and well-intentioned…heartbreakingly intense…”

Denison’s film beautifully captures the glitz and glam of Las Vegas, while allowing the seedy underbelly of corruption to seep in and taint that view. It is this striking dichotomy of neon lights and the high life versus greed, political machinations, and lousy police oversight that pushes Money Machine from interesting and well-intentioned, to heartbreakingly intense and fascinating. By the end of the documentary, the audience will be emotionally drained, but also very well informed.

Money Machine is slickly produced, looks great, and moves at an excellent pace. It interviews those who would otherwise not have a voice and is a wake-up call to remember the shooting and hope for real change. But in doing so, it will leave the viewer emotionally and mentally drained.

Money Machine (2020)

Directed and Written: Ram Denison

Starring: Katherine Thornton, Mike Slyman, Doug Poppa, Cori Langdon, Mike Turber, Eric Paddock, Cathy Scott, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Money Machine Image

"…beautifully captures the glitz and glam of Las Vegas, while allowing the seedy underbelly of corruption to seep in..."

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