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The Biggest Casinos in Las Vegas used in Movies

By Film Threat Staff | February 10, 2020

Las Vegas simply is a great city, positioned in the middle of a desert and commonly referred to as just ‘Vegas’, the place is known for being the biggest city in the world for entertainment. If you have ever been to Las Vegas you will know exactly what we are talking about and Vegas is certainly bound to increase even more in terms of popularity in the coming years.

The jaw-dropping Las Vegas strip is home to lots of world famous hotels and casinos which are ionic buildings to say the least. One of the biggest landmarks in Vegas is the MGM Grand which has more than 5000 rooms and is one of the biggest hotels in the entire world. In Sweden, for example, players prefer online casinos over land-based ones because they have

The city of Vegas has thrived for decades and it is one of the most glamorous cities in the world which is always spoken highly of and also has an excellent reputation. More than 40 million people visit the city every year and one of the main reasons why it is so popular is because they have some of the best casinos in the world. In addition to casinos you can expect to find theatre shows, concerts and spectacles which attract lots of punters. Most high quality casinos online will provide movie-inspired casino games which capture your favourite characters in a fun format.

Over the past few decades lots of casinos and hotels in Las Vegas have been featured on popular movies and we have gone through a few of the main ones below so be sure to have read.

As previously mentioned, the MGM Grand is the largest hotel with a casino and it also has the most hotel rooms in the city. Over the years there have been numerous high-profile events that have taken place at the MGM grand, some of these include Fury v Wilder and Mayweather v Hatton. Lennox Lewis fighting at the MGM Grand can be seen on the famous movie Casino. The hotel is also featured on the 1997 comedy Vegas Vacation.

Another famous hotel and casino on the Las Vegas strip is Mirage. The casino looks great and it is positioned between Treasure Island & Caesars Palace. This casino can be seen on various different films, including the Wolf of Wall Street which stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Rounders, the poker movie is also filmed in the poker room at Mirage hotel.

Caesars Palace is one of the most famous hotels on the Las Vegas strip and it has played host to dozens of superstars, including Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and Sir Elton John. Having been around for more than 50 years, this hotel has had its fair share of movie appearances. In recent years, Marvel filmed scenes for Iron Man at Caesars Palace and films such as Rocky III and Rain man had scenes at the casino too. In addition to this, plenty of television series have used Caesars Palace, popular ones include Friends and the Sopranos.

With the city of Las Vegas continuously growing each year and the world-famous strip constantly expanding, we are sure this place will continue to attract millions of visitors as well as big films which means you can definitely expect to find more familiar location of Las Vegas on your tv screens.


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