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By Bobby LePire | May 8, 2020

It also means that getting to understand these people’s take on masculine traits and what being a man takes longer than it should. Is Ford Austin a doctor? For that matter, which talking head is Austin? One of the female commentators is a dead ringer for a friend of mine from school. She is not said friend, but it threw me for quite the loop the first minute or so this person was talking. Was she Samantha Simone? Perhaps this very informed person was Gloria Jean Jung? I wish I could tell you, especially because whoever she is, she talks with passion and knowledge, and I’d wager this person’s career was as a psychologist or some such. But, I honestly have no idea.

“…articulately discuss compelling and engaging perception…”

With all that out of the way, as crazy as it might sound, Innocent’s little experiment winds up working very well. Flaws in presentation aside, what is being said is compelling. The idea that a few influential people decide on what masculine traits would be like and sold them to U.S. society is insane. That people, such as Devon Ashton Sanders, feel like they can’t or shouldn’t express themselves is heartbreaking. One of the subjects discusses being a person that his kids can look up to, and does not see how the traditional ideas of masculinity line up with that standard. These people articulately discuss compelling and engaging perceptions, even when the exact right words or reasons escape them.

Masculinity dives headlong into a topic well worth the trip and deconstruction. Granted, its presentation needs some tidying up, as none of the interviewees are introduced in even the most rudimentary fashions. And Jason Innocent does not quite gel all his ideas and the history lesson into a smooth, cohesive whole. Still, though, in this case, noble intentions do make the movie.

Masculinity (2020)

Directed and Written: Jason Innocent

Starring: Bruce Burrell, Jasmine Coleman, Ford Austin, Gloria Jean Jung, Lindsay Michelle Reed, Hassan Farrow, Jed Ryan, Devon Ashton Sanders, Odysseus Bailer, Samantha Simone, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Masculinity Image

"…Innocent’s little experiment winds up working..."

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