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Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing

By Alan Ng | May 3, 2020

It’s pretty simple, but oh so complicated. The concept behind Perception: Seeing is Not Believing is the idea that what you see about yourself (your perception) is not always to be believed. It’s probably best to tell you what James Purpura’s documentary is before diving into it.

Perception: Seeing is Not Believing can be described as a self-help instructional video presented by the organization Powerful U and hosted by former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia. Before you quickly move on to the next review, the film is not an infomercial for Powerful U in that they never ask for money to purchase a course or a book. Also, unlike an infomercial, they give it all away. You’ll walk away with every bit of wisdom they have to offer.

There are two primary elements to Perception: Seeing is Not Believing. The first is the informational part of the doc. Lillian Garcia interviews several experts and self-help gurus discussing perception, self-esteem, and emotions. These experts include Beau Lotto, Henry Ammar, Trent Shelton, Tom Bilyeu, and Kamrin Carver. I should say I don’t know anything about these instructors. Just the fact that they’re not selling me anything makes me buy into their credibility a little bit.

“Like many stories involving self-image and self-development, it all begins in childhood.”

The second element is the individual stories of James and Steph. Like many stories involving self-image and self-development, it all begins in childhood.

While growing up, James was a relatively outgoing child eager to begin his first year of school. His optimism quickly went south when he was diagnosed with learning disabilities. Every day in class, James’s teacher would call him out in front of the other students and told he needed to go to the class for the “stupid, retarded children.” Every day this would happen, and of course, this led to James being bullied mercilessly.

After enough begging, his parents removed James from special education, where he languished unable to learn effectively because of his untreated dyslexia. After graduation, he walked down the wrong path of life and ultimately ended up in prison.

Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing (2020)

Directed: James Purpura

Written: James Purpura, Steph Purpura

Starring: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Kate McKinnon, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing Image

"…healing from life’s trauma is a lifelong process, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something."

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