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Maniac Landscapes

By Bobby LePire | May 15, 2019

What gives life meaning? Is it the things we have said and the actions we took while on this mortal coil? Is the purpose found by having others to remember you? Is life given value because we all die? This last sentiment is where writer-director Matthew Wade’s 8-minute, animated, tone poem Maniac Landscapes begins.

On a dark night, moonlight shines through a window into the attic of a house. From this light, a flower begins to grow. As the light goes from room to room through the entire dwelling, more plants spring to life. As the vines and flowers grow and spread their foliage, they begin to wraparound skeletons that are strewn about the various rooms.

“…vines and flowers grow and spread their foliage, they begin to wraparound skeletons …”

The animation is stunning and compliments the themes of the piece quite well. Using a pastel palette, the film’s soft colors offer an enticing visual journey. The score is equally as important and just as fantastic. The way these two elements merge brings the whole production together for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Maniac Landscapes says more about mortality and how one must face such in less than 10-minutes than some titles say in 2-hours. For that alone, nevermind its superb directing, gorgeous cinematography, and a fantastic score, it is worth watching.

Maniac Landscapes (2019) Directed by Matthew Wade. Written by Matthew Wade.

10 out of 10 Bluebells

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