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By Chris Salce | May 12, 2021

Warning: The documentary Mallory and this review contain traumatic events and topics of suicide.

A 12-year-old girl, Mallory Grossman, committed suicide after being bullied. Mallory and her family had repeatedly gone to the school before she had ended her life, but they did nothing to stop the bullying. The Grossman family continues to fight in the name of Mallory and not let her death go unnoticed.


“…repeatedly gone to the school before she had ended her life, but they did nothing…”

The documentary, named for her, tells Mallory’s story and her name continues to live on through her family. Ash Patiño’s film begins with Mallory’s mother, Dianne, crying while remembering a text Mallory had sent to her the day Mallory decided to take her own life. The text read, “Hey, I had a bad day. When are you coming home?” What Mallory was referring to is continued bullying by a group of girls from her school that had been going on consistently. According to those that knew Mallory, she was a happy little girl full of wonder and life. She had friends and a good home life. This brings up the point that nobody is safe when it comes to bullying.

Mallory was bullied at school and home through social media and text messaging during any time of the day and night. After several attempts from the family to notify the school of the constant bullying Mallory was facing daily and the school turning a blind eye, Mallory could not take it anymore. Mallory’s father, Seth, was waiting to take her to cheer practice when he noticed that she was not outside as usual. Seth Grossman called out for her all over the house with no answer. Horrified, Seth opened her closet door and discovered Mallory hanging.

Mallory (2021)

Directed: Ash Patiño

Written: Jenna A. Bush

Starring: Dianne Grossman, Seth Grossman, Carlee Grossman, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

Mallory Image

"…[needed] to be made because victims often do not have their stories told..."

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  1. Jan Thomson says:

    Mallory was just a young girl. Her confidence and outlook on life was destroyed by mean girls. If only action against them was taken. Bullying and the consequences of it must be taken seriously by schools.

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