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By Alan Ng | May 5, 2021

Maybe deep down, we’re all narcissists. Tymon Brown‘s short film, Hoof, follows the downfall of a three-year toxic relationship.

While walking to an important meeting, Callan (Jay Adana) “runs” into her former client, Seth (Orien Longo). Seth is incredibly confused with his life and takes this opportunity to squeeze a free session out of his old therapist, for old-time sake. Callan reluctantly agrees to listen.

“…takes this opportunity to squeeze a free session out of his old therapist…”

Seth is a filmmaker, and while at a screening, he is introduced to film journalist Eva Ward (Jen Tullock). The two hook up over a series of late-night sexual encounters. We soon realize that the two are together for the sex, and the ensuing relationship between the two is an unintended outcome of these encounters.

Writer/director Tymon Brown continues his look into the human condition and continues to excel at the principle of “Show, Don’t Tell.” At no point are we told the problem with the relationship. Instead, it plays out as natural, and its insight comes from the actions of the characters. Speaking of narcissism, both Seth and Eva are in this relationship for themselves. Neither will change personally, while at the same time expecting the other to change and bend to the will of the other.

From a filmmaking standpoint, Hoof was made in 2018 and had minor weaknesses compared to his current work. When Seth and Callan walk, the ambient sound tends to overwhelm the discussion, and the flashback editing is a little rough. That said, I always enjoy watching Tymon’s take on relationships and the human condition, and the filmmaker does not disappoint.

Hoof (2018)

Directed and Written: Tymon Brown

Starring: Jen Tullock, Orien Logo, Jay Adana, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Hoof Image

"…its insight comes from the actions of the characters."

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