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By Alan Ng | June 15, 2022

We just learned that Google has gone sentient, yet this was prophesied strangely in director Emma Sofia Fazzuoli’s comedy short, Lucy. Well, sort of. After his Grindr hookup, Brad (Daniel Robaire) orders food for delivery from the Noodle Palace for himself and his lover, Jordan (Peter Pasco).

While Brad waits outside for the delivery, Lucy, an AI food delivery robot with his order, comes down the sidewalk. Yet, it’s not his food order; there’s a baby in its place. Brad panics, gives the baby to Jordan (who has a way with kids), and quickly calls his roommate, Chloe (Emma Sofia Fazzuoli), to come back home and figure s**t out. Unfortunately, the baby commotion also sparks the attention of Brad’s nosy neighbor, Gale (Suzanne Ford), bringing more complications.

At the onset, Lucy is a character-driven sketch comedy about the somewhat narcissist Brad stressing out about the inconveniences of life he’s forced to deal with. Jordan is his supportive Grindr hookup, and Chloe is his no-nonsense roommate, who tolerates Brad’s foibles. But, Gale… there’s just something off about her. The comedy could be a legit sitcom as it plays out like an episode of one as our heroes’ lives spin hilariously out of control.

“…it’s not his food order; there’s a baby in its place.”

What hit me after some time thinking about the short is the element of Artificial Intelligence that Lucy, the delivery robot, represents. It was not apparent to me upon first viewing how much the filmmakers’ views on AI played in their story. However, as the narrative plays out, writers Daniel Robaire and Fazzuoli suggest that maybe robots are not only more intelligent than us but can run the world better too. Hmmm?

There’s a lot of fun to be had with Lucy. But, I want to point out the filmmaking. This is one good-looking short film, especially considering it is essentially a humorous sketch. Great production values, camera angles, and interesting use of lighting. A lot of work when into this comedy, and it pays off.

For screening information, visit the Lucy official website.

Lucy (2022)

Directed: Emma Sofia Fazzuoli

Written: Daniel Robaire, Emma Sofia Fazzuoli

Starring: Daniel Robaire, Peter Pasco, Emma Sofia Fazzuoli, Suzanne Fordcomedy, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Lucy Image

"…one good-looking short film..."

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