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Kitchen Spaces

By Alan Ng | June 13, 2022

DANCES WITH FILMS 2022 REVIEW! Do you think that we love reality television because it’s the last place normies like us can speak their mind? Think again! That’s the premise of Patrick Brambert’s comedy short, Kitchen Spaces. The setting is the filming of a Food Network-type cooking show called Kitchen Spaces.

In this particular episode, host Mark Messina (Mark Pontarelli) brings on the husband and wife team of Roy and Joy Wernecke (Patrick Brambert and Allison Grischow) to show us how to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey. But before they begin, Joy insists on praying to her healing spirit, Heather, to bless one of the ingredients… healing crystals. Finally, the slightly uncomfortable Mark relents for the sake of moving on.

“…praying to her healing spirit, Heather, to bless one of the ingredients…healing crystals.”

As Joy preps her baking pan, Roy is triggered by her use of oil. He begins ranting in an oh-so passive-aggressive manner about corporations profiting off our dependence on oil and our pointless invasions of Middle Eastern countries. Think Debbie Downer, but with a conspiratorial flair. Soon our festive segment becomes one uncomfortable rant after the next. That is until we get to stuffin’ that turkey.

Kitchen Spaces falls clearly in the comedy sketch category. Its premise is a semi-live cooking show that slowly gets out of hand to the point of no return and most likely the cancellation of the show and, hell, everyone involved. My only filmmaking criticism is the sound. It would have been best to mic your leads to minimize the echoes of the kitchen set. Nevertheless, Kitchen Spaces cooks up some good, silly fun.

Kitchen Spaces will screen at the 2022 Dances With Film.

Kitchen Spaces (2022)

Directed and Written: Patrick Brambert

Starring: Patrick Brambert, Allison Grischow, Mark Pontarelli, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Kitchen Spaces Image

"…cooks up some good, silly fun."

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