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Love Trumps All?

By Alan Ng | March 23, 2023

To say that politics has divided Western society is a severe understatement. Yet, in his short film, Love Trumps All?, writer-director Jeff Schubert wonders if love can conquer all.

Charlie (Jeff Schubert) and Vanessa (Roni Davis) are a couple in crisis, and their counselor, Dr. Winston (Jeremiah OC Jahi), is trying to mend the divide. On paper, the lovebirds should be the perfect match. The problem, though, is Vanessa voted for Donald Trump. Or is the problem that Charlie voted for Joe Biden? In the case of Charlie, voting for the “orange man” is the deal breaker, and he’s done with Vanessa.

Months later, Charlie is back in front of Dr. Winston when his new love can’t get over the fact that Charlie is not vaccinated for COVID-19. Can Charlie ever find a partner that agrees with him perfectly, or is there something to celebrate in our differences?

“…the lovebirds should be the perfect match. The problem, though, is Vanessa voted for Donald Trump…”

I’ll be real. I often complain about political films being overly preachy, but Schubert’s short is the right kind of preachy. Where most films attempt to wedge the political divide further, there are few short films, like Love Trumps All?, that attempt to mend that divide. The question is, does it work? Or will its message fall on deaf ears?

As a comedy, this is fairly standard. The premise is one we can all relate to, which is politics in friendship and family. The filmmaker not only takes this idea starting with Trump and slowly progresses it to the Vaccine and so on. Intermixed throughout the story is Dr. Winston offering practical insight and advice on the issue, which is the heart of the film. Kudos to Schubert for being optimistic.

As a film, the comedy is good, considering the cast is comprised mostly of emerging actors looking to get a few acting reps under their belt, but this isn’t Seinfeld either. The production values are pretty standard for no-budget short films. In the end, the positive and thoughtful message of Love Trumps All? trumps any of the film’s weaknesses.

For more information about Love Trumps All?, visit Jeff Schubert’s official website.

Love Trumps All? (2023)

Directed and Written: Jeff Schubert

Starring: Jeff Schubert, Roni Davis, Jeremiah OC Jahi, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Love Trumps All? Image

"…the comedy is good..."

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