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Love in 2020

By Alan Ng | August 26, 2021

Finding love in L.A. is hard enough, but as shown in Eirinn Disbrow and Christina Garofalo’s series Love in 2020, it is almost impossible during a pandemic.

Anna Jaller plays Kenna, a young single woman bracing herself for what is hopefully a short stint in quarantine by crossing all her social events off her calendar. Already feeling alone, her roommate Melissa (Gabrielle Lane) asks if her boyfriend, Chad (Jeff Pierre), can also stay in their small apartment during the lockdown.

Love is 2020 is a six-part series, with the episodes running around five minutes each, walking alongside Kenna’s journey to find love in the new normal. Episode one sets the stage as quarantine becomes a reality. Now living in forced seclusion, she must work from home and witness the romantic antics of Melissa and Chad.

“…a young single woman bracing herself for what is hopefully a short stint in quarantine…”

In episode two, Kenna aggressively looks for companionship by going on a series of dating apps only to find that it’s way too easy for her and her dates to hide behind false personas and appearances.  As the series continues, Kenna is forced to examine what she really wants in a soulmate and what she really needs to feel like a whole person.

Love in 2020 takes a light look at love and relationship. It’s shot in Los Angeles and not only observes an empty city in quarantine beautifully but also captures the beauty of sitting by a computer, lying in a bed, and finding oneself in solitude. Director Disbrow and writer Garofalo keep the story at a very grounded level of reality and speak to a broad audience of singles forced to adapt to the new normal of Zoom Dates and socially distant meet-ups.

Anna Jaller is fantastic as Kenna and carries the entirety of Love in 2020. Her performance falls more on the Rom side of the Rom-Com. She is very relatable and is probably someone you’ve met online.

Love in 2020 will screen at the 2021 Dances With Films.

Love in 2020 (2021)

Directed: Eirinn Disbrow

Written: Christina Garofalo

Starring: Anna Jaller, Gabrielle Lane, Jeff Pierre, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Love in 2020 Image

"…very relatable and is probably someone you've met online."

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