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Lock Down Love

By Rob Rector | February 8, 2021

The fact that we are still steeped in the pandemic may give one pause before watching a film titled Lock Down Love. It’s understandable, considering much of the country is still navigating the complexities of the virus and the countless ways it continues to impact our lives.

In it, we first meet Lisa (Janine Hartmann), a young woman living in New York City who, like most people her age, manages her life through her phone. From her life goals to relationships, her world is reduced to rapid taps on the screen. The movie opens with a text from her boyfriend, urging her to read an email he sent where he said he could better put his difficult emotions into words.

“…self-conscious about her weight, she feels that is the reason he no longer wants to be with her…”

His email begins with the language one fears when in a relationship, and the accompanying picture of her boyfriend with another woman confirms Lisa’s fears. Already self-conscious about her weight, she feels that is the reason he no longer wants to be with her, and, at that moment, vows to shed pounds to make her feel better about herself. This task is made all the more difficult as news of COVID numbers in the city spike.

The bulk of Lock Down Love focuses on her determination to push the “restart” button on her life but also has no clue how to begin. She performs a number of Google searches on weight loss and exercise and, ultimately, motivation.

The wordless narrative only provides us with Lisa’s connection to the outside world through text bubbles from friends and family and reminders she has set for herself as goal markers. Throughout, we are solely focused on Lisa.

Lock Down Love (2021)

Directed and Written: Emeka Mbadiwe

Starring: Janine Hartmann, John Dominguez, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Lock Down Love Image

"…Hartmann provides a lived-in performance that feels honest and candid."

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