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Just Sex, Nothing Personal

By Brian Shaer | April 1, 2020

Just Sex, Nothing Personal is delightful. This warm-hearted and sweetly innocuous Ukrainian import is just the elixir we need to put a much-needed smile on our collective faces.

Poor Serhii (Roman Lutskyi) can’t catch a break when it comes to the women in his life. For starters, just before taking his long-term girlfriend, Lesia (Natalya Mazur) on a romantic Valentine’s Day trip to Prague, she humiliatingly rejects Serhii’s marriage proposal by pointing out how lousy he is in bed. Harsh!

“…if Serhii devises a plan whereby the bank will get off her back, she will, in turn, teach him how to properly access his mojo…”

Serhii makes the trip to Prague solo and crashes with his childhood friend, Vasily (Sergey Pritula), a one-man sexual army. After becoming absolutely shitfaced that night at Vasily’s art exhibition, Serhii winds up at a nearby strip club. While slumped down in a bathroom stall, Serhii overhears a manager mention to a stripper that she must perform a private dance that night or be fired. Since Serhii is an inherently good guy even when tanked, he buys a dance from the stripper, a stunner named Diana (Angelika Nikolaeva).

Later, Diana discovers an incoherent Serhii passed out in a garbage heap, missing his pants. When Serhii can’t recall his address for a cab driver, Diana reluctantly allows Serhii to sleep it off on her couch.

The next morning, Serhii and Diana chat over breakfast, and he learns that due to her financial irresponsibility, Diana is in danger of losing her worldly possessions. Diana, then, has a light bulb moment: if Serhii devises a plan whereby the bank will get off her back, she will, in turn, teach him how to properly access his mojo to become irresistible to women. Thus, the romantic comedy plot is born.

Just Sex, Nothing Personal (2020)

Directed: Olga Ryashina

Written: Vladimir Kovtsun, Sergey Pritula, Valentin Sergiychuk, Vitaliy Tylnuy, Vladimir Zhoglo

Starring: Roman Lutskyi, Natalya Mazur, Sergey Pritula, Angelika Nikolaeva, Andrey Danilko, Maksym Panchenko, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

Just Sex, Nothing Personal Image

"…true love will conquer all, and everything will be right with the world."

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