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Just One More Kiss

By Alan Ng | February 16, 2020

Ghosts are generally associated with horror, but then again, the Swayze/Moore starrer Ghost is not necessarily horror. But what is true is that ghosts are almost always associated with grieving, which is the case in Faleena Hopkins’ Just One More Kiss.

The film opens at the tenth-anniversary party of Max (Patrick Zeller) and Abby (Faleena Hopkins). Everyone is there, Max’s best friend Barry (Joe Barbagallo), his parents Alice (Frances Mitchell) and Henry (Erik Parillo), and Abby’s sister Lorna (Emily Bennett). The party is going great until Barry begins to piss everyone off after imbibing way too much alcohol.

“Abby is devastated by the loss of her soulmate Max. Also, Barry is feeling intense guilt.”

As any good friend would do, Max decides to take Barry home. A few hours later, the police arrive at the party to inform Abby that Max is dead. Abby is devastated by the loss of her soulmate Max. Also, Barry is feeling intense guilt. Everyone is having a difficult time mourning the death of a good man.

Unable to jump back into life, Abby moves to the mountain cabin that she bought with Max. Everywhere are memories of Max, and it becomes clear that Abby moved there to isolate herself from the world she knows.

Just One More Kiss (2020)

Directed and Written: Faleena Hopkins

Starring: Faleena Hopkins, Patrick Zeller, Frances Mitchell, Erik Parillo, Joe Barbagallo, Emily Bennett, Stink Fisher, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Just One More Kiss Image

"…played around with the themes of ghosts, grieving, and romance..."

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