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Just Lie to Me

By Alan Ng | July 10, 2024

A frustrated bartender finds herself in an existential crisis in life in Kelly Walker’s short film Just Lie to Me. After a frustrating tattoo session, Brooke (Kylie Alesso) heads to her bartender job to pick up her tips from the other night and hopes to score an extra shift. Meanwhile, the newly single Noah (Ian McQuown) is having drinks with his buddy, Liam (Jared Popkin), who suggests that Noah get a hooker for the night. He then mistakenly points to Brooke for a fun evening.

When Liam introduces Noah to Brooke, she decides to go along with the charade and for some quick, decent cash. Let’s just say the night doesn’t go as expected.

Apart from some pretty sexy moments at Noah’s apartment, Just Lie to Me is a thoughtful look into appearances. Though Brooke appears to be a prostitute in Noah’s eyes, she is more than that, as revealed by their bedroom conversation. On the other hand, Noah finds himself in a spot where he’s trying to figure out who he is, as Brooke ripped his life open. As the saying goes, “We are never what we appear to be.”

“…Liam…suggests that Noah get a hooker for the night. He then mistakenly points to Brooke…”

Directed by Kelly Walker and written by the film’s star, Kylie Alesso, I already mentioned that the dialogue between Noah and Brooke is insightful, and the conflict between our leads digs deep into “appearances.” Kelly Walker’s direction makes Just Lie to Me feel like more than a conversation. She moves the camera around, finds interesting angles to compose shots, and keeps the action flowing. We get a lot of “conversation” dramas across our desk and Walker unlocks the keys to making two people talking interesting.

Just Lie to Me is a compelling short film that delves into the complexities of appearances and self-discovery. Kelly Walker’s direction and Kylie Alesso’s insightful writing create a dynamic and thought-provoking narrative. If you enjoy character-driven stories with depth, this film is a must-watch.

Just Lie to Me (2024)

Directed: Kelly Walker

Written: Kylie Alesso

Starring: Kylie Alesso, Ian McQuown, Ayinde Howell, Jared Popkin, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Just Lie to Me Image

"…delves into the complexities of appearances and self-discovery."

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