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The Serena Variations

By Alan Ng | July 1, 2024

I find it interesting that when it comes to discussions of human evolution, the discipline most obsessed with it is the arts. In Warren Fischer’s short film, The Serena Variations, a young woman is pushed beyond her limits in walking that line between brilliance and madness.

Serena (Dylan Brown) is a young violinist with undiagnosed autism. She is given the opportunity of a lifetime to help her mentor, Ann (Renata Friedman), compose her next grand opus. When she arrives at Ann’s home, she is greeted by fellow violinists Vic (Ellen Mah) and Allen (Chance Gabriel). Already, there is competition with Vic for Ann’s respect.

Feeling confident yet inadequate, Ann begins with an “herbal” tea loaded with various psychedelics to enhance the creative process. Serena is told that she needs to give up everything she knows about herself in order to transform.

Aided by the tea, we see Serena’s struggle to eventually open herself up. At the same time, she faces paranoia and competition with Vic and Allen to be perfect.

“Ann begins with an ‘herbal’ tea loaded with various psychedelics to enhance the creative process.”

The Serena Variations offers a unique and intriguing insight into the creative journey and the challenges of growth and transformation as an artist. The story draws parallels between Serena and the story of Pagnini. Serena’s journey begins with feelings of inadequacy, which are only dispelled by Ann’s reassurances that she belongs in her creative committee.

Filmmaker Warren Fischer then takes us down Serena’s visually stunning journey into mind as she opens herself up to the process. Here, Fischer explores the use of psychedelics as a tool for creativity. With all the pieces in place, Fischer explores the fragile tensions between perfection and insanity. As Serena’s mind opens, she sees her potential for greatness. Feelings of unrealized potential turn into an obsession to not only be the best but to prove it to others as well.

The Serena Variations, directed by Fischer, effectively delves into the complex world of art and creativity. The film skillfully portrays the darker aspects of this theme and brings it to life through visuals and sound. Dylan Brown’s performance as Serena, supported by veteran actor Renata Friedman, adds depth to the film. While the film may be a bit complex, it effectively immerses the audience in Serena’s perspective. Enjoy the ride.

The Serena Variations screened at the 2024 Raindance Film Festival.

The Serena Variations (2024)

Directed and Written: Warren Fischer

Starring: Dylan Brown, Renata Friedman, Ellen Mah, Chance Gabriel, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Serena Variations Image

"…delves into the complex world of art and creativity."

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