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By Matthew Roe | June 6, 2022

That isn’t to say there aren’t gimmicky comedic moments with wonky roommates, nosey coworkers, and sour clients — there’s a veritable avalanche. But they make the main parallel stories all the more real. The script doesn’t try to go for an out-and-out satire, nor does it stand on a soapbox to proclaim a method of living as superior or inferior. It takes the present state of living and focuses on two fairly average characters that could be anyone’s neighbor, boss, or partner. We see how terrible they can be, but also the tremendous potential they possess.

Marcy’s nuanced and multifaceted direction augments the natural chemistry between cast members. Aside from directing, Marcy is credited with most of the production roles on Influencer, including editing, cinematography, sound design, and music. What results is a completely cohesive experience that is considerably deeper than it first appears. The sound design, in particular, is absolutely stellar. Not only does every soundscape make immersion easier, but it also adds a sense of tactility to nearly every scene. We could’ve just as easily been sitting in one of these rooms, listening to the drama unfold, and still receive the same auditory journey.

“…nuanced and multifaceted…”

But what I enjoyed and admired the most is how the editing style, musical motifs, and narrative shifts within the screenplay all happen in harmony with one another. The film could pass as a musical with a few more added lyrics. This harmony builds over the course of the story, becoming more pronounced as we ramp up towards the climax, and it’s all downright beautiful.

Honestly, while some may nitpick over a few shots having either dust or rain speckling the lens, there is hardly a detractor I could list that would degrade my time with Influencer. The first few moments may turn some people away due to the starkness in which we see the main characters. But by the end, we’re given a cinematic experience with as much social sense as heart.

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Influencer (2022)

Directed: Peter Marcy

Written: Peter Marcy, Lindsay Marcy

Starring: Adam Anderson, Lindsay Marcy, Alyce D. Cooper, Adam Whisner, Shad Cooper, Bain Boehlke, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Influencer Image

"…a cinematic experience with as much social sense as heart."

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