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By Alan Ng | April 12, 2022

As you know, if your sorority doesn’t keep its standards high, then it’s not even worth being in that sorority. For the sisters of Eta Theta Tau (HOT), it’s a new year and new pledges are held up to the essential standard of “better dead than ugly” in Tyler Townsend’s comedy short, HOT.

Pledging this year at Eta Theta Tau is not going well for committee members Crystal (Charlotte Louise Spencer), Shelby Lynn (Emily Buchan), and Courtney (Chessi Phillips). All that changes when Elizabeth (Ana Plavec) walks into the room. Though her chances look good, Elizabeth is about to be fed to the lions.

Pledging this year at Eta Theta Tau [HOT] is not going well…”

HOT is a quick comedic sketch satirizing the superficial nature of judging one’s qualifications. The sketch derives its laughs from character development and interplay. Shelby Lynn is the sorority’s narcissist leader, and it’s really her vote that counts. Courtney is there just for the pleasure of becoming intimate with each pledge’s background file, and Crystal…is not very smart. Let’s not forget the lucky House Boy (Brett Edwards, who is… lucky.

Shot in an Office-style mockumentary with talking head interviews, HOT is loaded with silliness. Though it may not solve the gender pay gap, it’s good fun.

HOT (2018)

Directed: Tyler Townsend

Written: Emily Buchan, Tyler Townsend, Payton Brewer

Starring: Emily Buchan, Charlotte Louise Spencer, Chessi Phillips, Ana Plavec, Brett Edwards, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

HOT Image

"…it may not solve the gender pay gap, it's good fun."

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