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By Alan Ng | December 19, 2022

A young woman finds herself at a crossroads between sobriety and returning to her dark, familiar past in Miriam Grill and Josie Burke’s short film, Heirloom. At this particular moment in life, Norah (Josie Burke) is on the right side of sobriety. She’s returned to her love of baking and just starting her journey with a new sponsor, Claire (Mary Bacon).

Even her father, George (Norm Lewis), has seen a change. But, every journey is faced with challenges as Norah learns that her estranged mother has passed away from an overdose. Hearing the news, Norah begins her spiral downward into depression, and a fight with her stepbrother Liam (Tyree Robinson) only reinforces the fact that no one has faith in her.


“Hearing the news, Norah begins her spiral downward into depression…”

Heirloom  is a heartfelt and touching story about overcoming our past and how the process is never easy or simply “just stop drinking.” Director Grill brilliantly stages this drama around a kitchen table for the camera. And, as Norah, Josie Burke hits all the right emotional notes as an alcoholic who struggles daily with herself and those she hurt along the way to stay sober. But, then Burke’s story goes a level deeper when Norah and Claire wrestle with guilt… the unforgivable kind.

When trouble comes, Heirloom shows that finding forgiveness from others and redemption for oneself is far from easy. Though faced with insurmountable challenges, we’re never alone on the road to recovery.

For more information about Heirloom, visit Josie Burke’s official website

Heirloom (2022)

Directed: Miriam Grill

Written: Josie Burke

Starring: Josie Burke, Norm Lewis, Mary Bacon, Tyree Robinson, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Heirloom Image

"…a heartfelt and touching story about overcoming our past..."

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