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The Out

By Alan Ng | November 20, 2022

Redemption is a hard road to walk, especially with traps along the way, as seen in Harry Brandrick’s short film, The Out.

Liam (Allan “Seapa” Mustafa) is an ex-con living as a free man shackled by an ankle bracelet and a healthy supply of methadone. It’s not ideal, but he is free and given a second chance to set things right. As part of that second chance, Liam is allowed to spend the day with his daughter, Sofia (Savannah Skinner-Henry). His ex-wife, Jade (Kimberley Okoye), is more than happy to reunite Sofia with her father, but with a stern warning not to screw it up.

Father/daughter day seems to be going along swimmingly until the arrival of Liam’s mate, Marcus (Jamie Christoferson), who needs a little cash. Liam discovers his pal needs the money for Heroine. When Liam refuses, Marcus goes to extreme measures at Liam’s expense.

“…Liam refuses, Marcus goes to extreme measures…”

The Out is a sweet and sobering tale of a father who wants to do the right things for himself and his daughter. Liam has not been written off yet, but one wrong move and everything changes for the worse. What Brandrick’s story points out so well is that tug-of-war that wages within the addict/former addict between choosing the quick and easy solution in drug addiction versus the love for your child.

Allan Mustafa shows great range as Liam. It’s easy to make this a melodramatic performance, but the actor keeps it all grounded. He’s believable as a man protecting his family and sobriety and following the conditions of his probation, all the while showing the real struggle with the temptation to revert to his old self. Jamie Christoferson, as Marcus, plays a great foil to Liam, coming out on top in the end and showing him what will happen if he gives up.

The Out is an inspiring story of hope and redemption in a world that would just as soon give up on you.

The Out (2022)

Directed and Written: Harry Brandrick

Starring: Allan Mustafa, Jamie Christoferson, Savannah Skinner-Henry, Kimberley Okoye, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Out Image

"…an inspiring story of hope and redemption..."

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