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By Bradley Gibson | December 10, 2019

Later on, Buxton, Lavender, Carlson, and Eleanor are held hostage by house workmen turned gangsters who are convinced there’s gold hidden in the house. They arrive at this conclusion after having been hired by Buxton to dig up some apparently undamaged basement floorboards. 

While torturing Lavender with hot fried meats on his thighs, the lead baddie is compelled to admonish a henchman, who is suggesting a little castration to encourage him to give up the gold, that one does not directly “go from bacon to ball slicing.”

“…the farce cooks along in a zany fashion…”

In an interview for the Exit6 film festival, Brown said he based the film on his own experience looking after old homes in London’s West End as a house-sitter paid to keep squatters out. He pulled a cast of friends together to shoot the film in under ten days, working with no budget. He was originally planning to shoot on iPhone but was loaned Canon 5D cameras instead. 

What starts off as the Odd Couple in London becomes a haunted house film, then a sex farce, followed by a darkly humorous hostage drama, and ultimately resolves into a ridiculous romp in the old townhouse, spinning out like a whirling dervish of mad proclamations and absurd situations, all very English, indeed. British humor is an acquired taste for many Americans, but if it’s one you’ve acquired, you will thoroughly enjoy Guardians.

Guardians (2017)

Directed and Written: Mark A.C. Brown

Starring: Matt Prendergast, David Whitney, Mike Shephard, Victoria Johnson, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Guardians Image

"…what starts off as the Odd Couple in London becomes a haunted house film, then a sex farce..."

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