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Finding Filman

By Brian Shaer | May 26, 2020

Finding Filman is presented in that pseudo-documentary, confessional style (think The Office) that allows for several people to pop in and out of the film. In addition to Janelle, there’s Regis’ personal trainer Mike (Michael Hudson), Alicia (Shyanne King), the women’s studies grad who now writes softcore porn, and Packie and Diane (Kyle Ploof and Jackie Young), Regis’ friends from back in Boston who hilariously skewer the Southie type as good as any Wahlberg can.

But the two constants are Regis and his beleaguered roommate, Jake (co-writer Nat Anglin), who has the misfortune in this story to hold an actual office job (something he wishes Regis would come to his senses and embrace). As frustrated by his roommate’s antics as he is, Jake tries to be supportive of his friend. When the AVN Award nomination doesn’t pan out, Regis methodically assumes the guise of a turtle and buries his shame underneath a kid’s wading pool that he stole from someone’s yard. Jake leaves him lettuce as sustenance.

The film’s inner structure is comparable to sketch comedy in that each character has his or her compact scene in which to play. Regal provides a perfect core with his leading man good looks and cocksure demeanor. As the buttoned-up straight man to Regal’s romantic, Anglin is suitably exasperated yet reluctantly sympathetic to his friend. Both characters represent a perfect Oscar and Felix dynamic: they annoy each other but are there for each other just the same.

“…possesses the warmth and affection that emerges when passion runs through one’s veins.”

Comedy is hard and broad satire, such as Finding Filman, even more so. It is evident that Anglin and his co-writer, and director, Kevin Anglin, live and breathe the art of movie-making. I would even argue that the two envision their film as a sort of catharsis with which to air their artistic frustrations. As a result, the satire is never mean-spirited or cynical, but rather possesses the warmth and affection that emerges when passion runs through one’s veins.

Finding Filman is the sort-of project that struggling artists gather up their resources to produce because their muse dictates that they must always be creating. It’s a means with which to nourish their souls while success and money remain at a distance. There will, hopefully, come a time when they won’t be struggling anymore, and they will undoubtedly reflect upon participating in Finding Filman as a tremendously positive experience of their salad days. I, for one, had a sublime experience watching it.

Finding Filman (2020)

Directed: Kevin Anglin

Written: Kevin Anglin, Nat Anglin

Starring: Brian Regal, Nat Anglin, Kyle Ploof, Jackie Young, Shyanne King, Michael Hudson, Barbara Lee Bragg, Jessica Jacobs, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Finding Filman Image

"…energetic, perceptive, and hysterical."

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