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Feel Butters

By Alan Ng | August 16, 2022

My first love for comedy is the parody. Bobo Touch’s short film, Feel Butters, lampoons those new drug commercials that we loathe so much.

The product is Feel Butters, a sandwich spread that cures depression. You take the drug when your brain is inundated with that voice (goblin) that tells you what to do. Feel Butters helps you take the darkness within you and flip it around. But there is a severe side effect… Bumface™.

“But there is a severe side effect… Bumface™.”

The short stars Michael Fielding, Mike Rizzo, and Brian Bonz, who bring a sketch comedy approach to Feel Butters. As a parody, Feel Butters starts as your typical drug commercial and immediately starts to get dark, as in horror. My only negative is that it looks like it was shot on VHS camcorders, while I was hoping for a more slick commercial feel. What it lacks in high production values, the film more than makes up in silliness and a very dark undertone in the end. Oh, the pleasure of a hot scotch egg…

Feel Butters may not change the world nor serve as an indictment on the psychotropic pharmaceutical industry, but it is a three-minute diversion from the insane world around us.

For information about Feel Butters, visit Bobo Touch’s official website.

Feel Butters (2022)

Directed: Bobo Touch

Written: Michael Fielding, Mike Rizzo, Brian Bonz

Starring: Michael Fielding, Mike Rizzo, Brian Bonz, Laura Williams, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Feel Butters Image

"…a three-minute diversion from the insane world around us."

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