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Fangs Out

By Bobby LePire | June 2, 2023

One of the joys of being an independent film critic is witnessing the sheer breadth of creativity that enterprising, low-budget filmmakers use to bring their visions to life. Directors have made some truly stellar motion pictures with barely two cents and a lot of imagination. On the flip side, some flicks seem to be made to turn around a quick buck from unsuspecting viewers; yes, even in the indie realm, this exists. Enter director Dennis Devine and screenwriter Randy Oppenheimer’s comedic horror tale Fangs Out.

Fangs Out is about a group of friends seeking less-than-reputable plastic surgery. Alaina (Heidi Hemlock) pays for her college tuition by acting in porn. As such, she would like vaginal restoration surgery. Her beau, Quinn (Brian Easter Jr.), is an African-American student who wants a bigger c**k. Rallying the troops, so to speak, is Skyler (Marlene McCohen), who wants larger tits because…. Going along for moral support is Madison (Stacy Aung). Maybe it’s her Catholic school upbringing, or perhaps she truly loves her friends as they are; either way, Madison keeps trying to talk the others out of getting the surgery.

“…there is something sinister about the doctor and his nurses.”

The other three don’t listen, and after a long but scenic drive, the four friends wind up at a bookstore in a small town on the U.S. side of the border. There, they consult the pervy shopkeeper Tony (Keric Rivas), who draws a map of the path they must walk to cross the border to the plastic surgery center. While they arrive later than expected, Nurse Angela (Desiree Estrada) invites them without hesitation. Skyler and company are now introduced to the plastic surgeon Dr. Pavor (Samuel Code). Throughout their time there, Alaina, Quinn, Skyler, and Madison quickly realize that there is something sinister about the doctor and his nurses.

All the while, Detective Lee (Randy Oppenheimer) is searching for his daughter. She was another patient at this mysterious, under-the-table establishment. The detective’s quest for his offspring puts his life in great danger, as it turns out the surgery house is a harbor for vampires.

Fangs Out (2023)

Directed: Dennis Devine

Written: Randy Oppenheimer

Starring: Samuel Code, Heidi Hemlock, Brian Easter Jr., Marlene McCohen, Stacy Aung, Desiree Estrada, Randy Oppenheimer, Veronica Ricci, Keric Rivas, etc.

Movie score: 3/10

Fangs Out Image

"…some flicks seem to be made to turn around a quick buck from unsuspecting viewers..."

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