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By Alan Ng | October 12, 2023

A security guard has an indelible encounter in Dylan Boom’s dramatic short, Elevate. Tiffany (Tracie Thoms) is a night shift security guard at a California State Government office. As the amiable Tiffany does her rounds, she spots Paul (Jason Butler Harner) on the rooftop of the building. Before she has a chance to turn him in, the gentleman Paul identifies himself as an agency director.

Seeing that Paul is a bit depressed. Tiffany offers to escort him back to his office—a place Paul rarely visits as he works from home. Rather than escalate the situation, Tiffany simply talks with Paul.

“Rather than escalate the situation, Tiffany simply talks with Paul.”

In Elevate, filmmaker Dylan Boom tells a poignant story with just three actors and late-night access to a building. His leads, Thoms and Harner, are more than up for the task in their performances, giving a simple level of authenticity without ever going over the top dramatic in any way.

As the title suggests, seeing that Paul is struggling in life, Tiffany elevates the situation with a light and inconsequential conversation. We don’t always need to be combative with one another, and in this struggle of life, sometimes we just need a moment of human connection to get us to the next day.

Elevate (2023)

Directed and Written: Dylan Boom

Starring: Tracie Thoms, Jason Butler Harner, Rickey Eugene Brown, Gwyn LaRee, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Elevate Image

"…sometimes we just need a moment of human connection..."

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