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Eazy Meets

By Paul Parcellin | September 5, 2018

A film that’s not afraid to be weird automatically gets a positive check mark or two in my book. And Eazy Meets fits the bill. It begins on a deceptively sane note. We meet Rich and Molly, possibly the two most boring people in the British Isles. But there’s trouble afoot in their suburban homestead. She’s a vegetarian and he’s a carnivore — obviously a major First World problem.

Meanwhile, Rich is doing wrong by doing other women. He’s secretly hooked on a dating site, Eazy Meets, and he schedules trysts right under his and Molly’s roof when she’s not home. Still, all is not what it seems to be.

The film’s overall premise fits into the horror, schlock-o-rama niche, a genre that’s near and dear to our hearts. But the problem with it lies in the execution. Basic production shortcomings hold it back from being the shock-fest it could be.

…secretly hooked on a dating site, Eazy Meets, and he schedules trysts when she’s not home..”

No matter how many times I replayed a couple of the film’s segments, these Yank ears could not understand the Brit-mumble dialog. Those brief portions didn’t seem to hold pivotal significance to the plot, but who knows? Overall, the direction, acting, and scripting didn’t have the crisp edge that would make every detail somehow significant to the plot or character development, so I wasn’t overly concerned that I was missing something.

Although it’s barely 15 minutes long the film drags in places. I found myself wishing that the director had boiled down some on-camera business to make her point more swiftly.

“…story details and a few nips and tucks to the footage would go a long way…”

Most important of all, the story just isn’t fully baked. When we do finally reach the climax and learn that Eazy Meets has a double meaning, the conclusion is still a bit unclear. What exactly is Rich up to — which, granted, we do sort of learn — and more to the point, why is he doing what he does? Some additional story details and a few nips and tucks to the footage would go a long way toward making the film more dramatic and scarier. And those are two qualities we like.

Eazy Meets (2018) Directed by Grace Williams. Written by Grace Williams, Lee Christian. Starring Steve Hay, Gabriel Hawking, Ania Glapiak, Tabitha Lois Cox.

5 out of 10 meat cleavers

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