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By Alan Ng | November 8, 2022

On one fateful day, the lives of two eight-year-olds are changed forever in Mika Orr’s short film, Duet.

May (Alex Moshe), whose most recent pop single is a hit, recounts an encounter with an elementary schoolmate, Shadmit. As May sings her song, we are transported back to a young May (Talia Kadoury) sitting in a tree, causing mischief. When May spots the “weird” Shadmit (Hili Levy) walking underneath, she throws leaves at her for a laugh. Later, May fires spit wads at her during class. May’s bullying culminates in tearing up Shadmit’s book of drawings on the school playground.

“May’s bullying culminates in tearing up Shadmit’s book of drawings on the school playground.”

Duet is a beautiful and provocative take on bullying. As May sings her song in concert, it serves as a haunting music video recounting the final encounter between the two students. The song’s first verse is told from May’s perspective, followed by an emotional musical interlude, then ends with Shadmit’s viewpoint.

There’s quite a bit going on with Duet that makes it a heartfelt story to watch. The film is much more poetic than a straightforward narrative. It opens with glimpses of nature and close-ups of bugs eating one another while weaving in elements of the main story. We soon move into the emotional core of what happens to the bully and the bullied, leading to a satisfying ending. What intrigues me most is how Mika Orr brings such childlike sweetness to a moral tale about bullying.

For screening information on Duet, visit Mika Orr’s official website.

Duet (2022)

Directed and Written: Mika Orr

Starring: Talia Kadoury, Hili Levy, Alex Moshe, Michal Eliassaf, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Duet Image

"…a beautiful and provocative take on bullying."

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