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By Alan Ng | November 7, 2022

Writer-director Jo Ingabire Moys’ wartorn tale, Bazigaga, takes us right into the early days of the Tutsi genocide by the Hutus in Rwanda. Desperately fleeing the Hutu militia, Pastor Karembe (Ery Nzaramba) brings his injured daughter to the home of the town’s witch, Bazigaga (Eliane Umuhire).

Everyone fears the witch, and they all refuse to enter her home. But now that Prof (Roger Ineza) is in charge, he does not fear her and gives her twenty-four hours to turn over Pastor Karembe. In that brief time, the Christian pastor and the pagan witch must look beyond their differences in religion and race and work together for survival.

“…the Christian pastor and the pagan witch must look beyond their differences…for survival.”

Set like a stage play, all of the action takes place in Bazigaga’s home. Filmmaker Moys right away sets the life-and-death tensions just beyond its walls. Soldiers surround Bazigaga’s home, ensuring Karembe has nowhere to go. Prof has taken over the radio station spewing propaganda and the news that the U.N. is staying out of the conflict after the death of its Belgian envoy.

The safe thing to do for Bazigaga is to turnover Karembe for public execution. She only sees a fellow human being in need of help. Bazigaga is a stirring saga of doing what’s right not for one’s country or allegiances but for the soul of humanity itself. Moy’s tale is only bolstered by the impassioned performances of Eliane Umuhire and Ery Nzaramba as Bazigaga and the Pastor.

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Bazigaga (2022)

Directed and Written: Jo Ingabire Moys

Starring: Eliane Umuhire, Ery Nzaramba, Roger Noël Ineza, Maély Mahavande, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Bazigaga Image

"…right away sets the life-and-death tensions just beyond its walls."

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