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She’s Perfect

By Alan Ng | November 8, 2022

In Sheldon Maddux’s horror short, She’s Perfect, we see the devasting results of unexpectedly losing someone you love.

Jack (Eric Hanson) is having a wonderful romantic morning with his beloved, Fiona (Julie Fontenot). The newly retired Jack begs her not to go to work, but she has surgery to perform. And now she’s dead. The thought of living without Fiona pushes Jack to “horrific” extremes to bring the memory of her back.

“The thought of living without Fiona pushes Jack to ‘horrific’ extremes…”

I debate how much more I should share as She’s Perfect moves in a very dark direction. Obsession is the best word to describe Jack’s next move as he returns to the dating scene. But, of course, that can’t go well. Aside from the decent make-up and cosmetic effects, She’s Perfect is all about Eric Hanson’s performance as Jack. Right from the start, Jack is a bit “off” but in love. Then he goes way “off” the rails to bring back Fiona. It’s a gory love story with a “happy” ending.

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She's Perfect (2022)

Directed and Written: Sheldon Maddux

Starring: Eric Hanson, Julie Fontenot, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

She's Perfect Image

"…all about Eric Hanson's performance..."

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