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Dog Lover

By Alan Ng | September 22, 2022

Yes, we love our pets, but just how far that love will go is explored in Anne-Sophie Bine and Ari Jacobson’s short film, Dog Lover.

Walter (Paul Hungerford) quickly finds his marriage is on the rocks when he catches his wife, Sarah (Gaby Santinelli), enjoying a face-licking affair with her dog, Max. Unfortunately, this relationship is more than an affair as Walter suddenly becomes the third wheel, with Max being the alpha. When Max “accidentally” ingests some of Sarah’s prescription meds, Walter seizes the opportunity and allows Max to pass in peace.

“…he catches his wife, Sarah, enjoying a face-licking affair with her dog, Max.”

Dog Lover is a humorous take on an owner’s obsessive love for their pets. Honestly, this is a topic that’s been done to death in comedy. Thankfully, writer/director Bine takes a unique approach to the subject. She focuses on the emotions of her characters; the hormonal rush one gets from being in love. She also places us in Walter’s shoes, and Paul Hungerford brilliantly conveys Walter’s emotions through his facial expressions.

Dog Lover succeeds primarily because of its disciplined use of humor. This could have easily become a sketch comedy fueled by one gag after the other. Instead, Bine shows great restraint by using jokes that strictly serve to propel the plot. The ending was a little predictable, but getting there wasn’t. This is what comedic shorts need to do.

For more information about Dog Lover, visit Anne-Sophie Bine’s official website

Dog Lover (2022)

Directed: Anne-Sophie Bine

Written: Ari Jacobson

Starring: Paul Hungerford, Gaby Santinelli, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Dog Lover Image

"…succeeds primarily because of its disciplined use of humor."

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