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Death Of A Rockstar

By Bobby LePire | November 22, 2022

The characters’ designs throughout Death Of A Rockstar are no less subtle but still effective. The evil government folks all look like clergy members. The lead and his bandmates are clearly based on several real-life musicians, with Bowie and KISS being the most prominent examples. The designs are immediately recognizable, even in silhouette, which is an excellent thing.

However, the film does suffer from a few flaws. Röcky is at his wit’s end, with the love of his life having just walked out on him. After reading her note, Röcky imagines himself as the lead in several famous movie scenes, including King Kong and The Shining. Given how he was created, it is not unreasonable to assume Röcky knows these classic titles. However, their inclusion here does not work at all. Instead of truly understanding how the main character feels about this life-changing event, this seems more like an excuse to make pop culture references. The connection between cinema’s greatest ape’s emotional state during his rampage and Röcky’s is tenuous at best. Of course, it does not help that interpreting this properly really does depend on which version of King Kong one goes with.

“…the songs are great, and the animation is very well-drawn.”

The Shining inclusion makes even less sense as Röcky is not going mad or trying to murder anyone. Had he been Shelley Duvall and the character’s wife been Jack Nicholson, indicting emotional murder, this sequence probably would have worked infinitely better. But, to be fair, the song for this bit is perhaps the best one in the entire feature.

The other issue with Death Of A Rockstar is its impact at the end. No spoilers, but the ending does not feel as massive or intense as it needs to really land. That isn’t to say there’s no emotional catharsis, there is, but it is muted by the conclusion going on for a few minutes too long.

Even considering these problems, Death Of A Rockstar is a one-of-a-kind experience that will please anyone who carves something outside of the box. All the songs are great, and the animation is very well-drawn. Stähr’s singing is excellent, ensuring his love letter to creativity and music feels as epic and drawn out as those that inspired it. If you enjoyed To You Last Death, then you’ll find plenty to like here.

Death Of A Rockstar (2022)

Directed and Written: Röcket Stähr

Starring: Röcket Stähr, Abby Ahmad, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Death Of A Rockstar Image

"…[a] love letter to creativity and music..."

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