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Deadly Thoughts

By Alan Ng | September 26, 2022

In co-directors Omar Cook and Adonis Armstrong’s short film, Deadly Thoughts, passion is the crime of choice.

The film opens with two lovers, Darnell (Omar Cook) and Aya (Gentel Sharrie), spending a romantic afternoon in the park professing their love for one another. Then, in a blink, we’re in Darnell’s apartment with a gun in his hand, freaked out by what happened just moments before.

With a knock at the door, Darnell is confronted by Detective Scott (Adonis Armstrong) and Coleman (Grady Tucker) with a search warrant in hand. The detectives inform him that Aya has been missing for some time, and he was seen with her last.

“…we’re in Darnell’s apartment with a gun in his hand, freaked out by what happened just moments before.”

Deadly Thoughts is a tight thriller at almost nine and a half minutes. We’re in and out, and Cook’s screenplay gets right to the point by focusing on Darnell and the events that lead to Aya’s disappearance. I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the ending, but the short’s strength is in the way it builds tension.

The film’s weakness, as I’ve mentioned before with Cook’s film, Skandalouz, is in its shot composition. I believe Cook and Armstrong’s storytelling would improve by leaps and bounds with thoughtful framing, lighting, and camera movement. The shots here are very basic, with primarily medium shots and standard coverage for dialogue. Think of the camera as more than capturing an image, but as a tool to elevate emotion, tension, and tone.

Cook and Armstrong have thrilling narratives to tell, as proven in Deadly Thoughts. Now it’s time for them to elevate their game cinematically.

For more information about Deadly Thoughts, visit the 247 Live Center Films website.

Deadly Thoughts (2022)

Directed: Omar Cook, Adonis Armstrong

Written: Omar Cook

Starring: Omar Cook, Adonis Armstrong, Gentel Sharrie, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Deadly Thoughts Image

"…the short's strength is in the way it builds tension."

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