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To the point where, when Chappelle surprised everyone by turning down $50 million dollars to continue the series, we hounded the man to come back to comedy. So eventually, he did.

But the problem is, he came back at the wrong time (or right time depending on who you ask). The America of 2006 is long and gone. Welcome to 2019, where being offended by everything is the “new black.” 

You see, according to a very loud minority, apparently there are things that can never be made fun of. And believe me when I say that list is as long as a giraffe dick. With that said, Chappelle gave zero fucks about playing by the rules. He burned that list, and salted the earth behind him. And in that same spirit, I’m going to be coloring outside the lines in this review (pun intended).

So what aren’t we allowed to laugh and joke about?

If you haven’t seen the show, Dave tackles a number of topics from “cancel culture,” the #MeToo movement, the LGTBQ community, and even the opioid crisis in White America. And though he spent little time on each topic, it was enough fire to set off a national fight.

"…In the end, the world of comedy will benefit from this!"

Dave Chappelle: Sticks And Stones Image

Dave Chappelle: Sticks And Stones (2019)

Directed by Stan Lathan

Written by Dave Chappelle

Starring Dave Chappelle, etc.

Movie rating 10/10

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  1. Phil says:

    Great article! Thank u 👍🏻

  2. K. Pryor says:

    Dante, your review was spot on! Personally, I believe when we can laugh at controversial subjects we tend to accept them more and for myself at 62, the trans community is unfamiliar territory, except for Caitlin Jenner. So if transgender is not treated as taboo in comedy, it will be normalized, like I guess it should be.

  3. Justin says:

    How does it feel to be the only reviewer on rotten tomatoes that has a brain

  4. Debbie says:

    Be prepared for a great show of shocking laughter. Nothing is off the table. It’s like old school comedy and I loved it.

  5. Aaron Lee says:

    The alphabet people got triggered.
    Stop taking CHRISTIAN bakers to court for not making your GAY cake.
    And demand that MUSLIM butchers make you PORK crackling.
    Your double standards are poison and I for one can poke the LGBTAIDS left wing faggotry.

  6. Bret Andrews says:

    I’m sure he figures that if you can take a Dick then you can take a joke. Get over yourselves and stop being so sensitive. Not everybody gets a trophy.

  7. Aaron Lee says:

    Don’t you think it’s a bit contradictory to say that “all of the black community don’t care about nigga jokes?” And then use that to justify that then, all LGBTQ people should accept “homophobic jokes”. Especially since a good amount of colored folk also align with LGBTQ? I try not to get butthurt but the LGBTQ don’t simply accept being oppressed like black people do. Sexuality is still something the whole world needs to learn, and we aren’t doing anything helpful if we say that it’s okay to make these jokes often. People who commit hate speech have all the power given to them, and sooner or later, hate crimes will be fully accepted with that attitude. If it’s a choice between PC and no-PC at all, I choose PC. Because my children shouldn’t grow up in a place where poking fun at that kinda stuff is okay. Get your humor from other things. It’s not the only humor out there. Those jokes have some kind of truth, and say something about our narrative. We need to give power to those who lack it. Or is equality just not important?

    • DDD says:

      no1 cares about you or your kids opinion. Life isnt easy and if words really hurt you that much then you and your kids are in for a tough life.

  8. Xavier says:

    Finally a review that’s actually worth reading and from someone who seems centered

  9. Cate says:

    “And depending on which way you swing on the social and political pendulum, you either think he’s a comical genius, or an ‘out-of-touch’ bigot.”

    Wrong. Defining audience reaction based on their presumed political and social beliefs is as inappropriate as attempting to censure comics. I am an old-school leftie *and* a longtime Chappelle fan. Sticks and Stones is brilliant, and necessary in a world of political correctness run amok — which was its real target all along.

  10. bill says:

    Dante, this is the first I’ve seen this site. I view critics as consumer affair reporters telling me when I’m getting ripped off, and when not when it comes to entertainment. This review proved to me, you’re on my side. Couldn’t agree more! I’m comin’ back.

  11. Shalene says:

    Oh thank god. One critic that’s not butthurt. I was about to cancel Netflix before watching Dave’s special. It was hilarious.

  12. Valerie D says:

    I am counting on comedians to save our 1st amendment. The idea that we have returned to “you mustn’t say that in polite society” is ludicrous.

  13. Felisha Witt says:

    Thank you! I totally agree. I miss the kind of comedy shows,like Sticks and Stones,that used to be the norm. They may have offended some,but they were hilarious! I read where Seinfeld and others won’t do university tours anymore,and heaven knows those kids need to learn it’s ok to laugh at the pc movement. I hope more comedy like S&S comes out,but that’s just my opinion. I’m a 53 year old granny who says ” keep it comin’ Dave! “

  14. Ebrahim says:

    As a gay man, I found the special hilarious. I think we are paying way too much attention to the voices of immature children, because lets face it, the loudest social media voices are young people who are either barely out of their teens or are still teenagers. I’m not saying they have nothing of value to add to the conversation but at that age you do tend to have a binary view of the world. Things are either right or wrong and there is no in between.

  15. Ryan says:

    Finally a proper non bias review by a critic. Props for your bravery.

    • LikeIdGive MyRealName says:

      And unsurprisingly it’s written by a man lmao. All the negative reviews I’ve seen are from women and MtF’s

  16. Chef tkj says:

    I loved the special! It was super funny! lighten up…Plus like he said if you don’t like it …don’t watch it! Haha

  17. sacrelicious says:

    he is fighting for freedom of speech precisely by joking about forbidden (sometimes very recently forbidden, BTW) topics. the people who feel that his words injure them need to be aware that if the right to free speech is eroded in the ways they wish it were, they themselves would be among the first against the wall.

  18. Kay says:

    The main point in comedy is to be funny. No one really knows why we laugh or can predict with any accuracy what will make any individual laugh.

    The only restriction on speak is that you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. If the speaker makes you laugh (truly laugh) she is probably not encouraging you to hate or violence.

    Comedy is never offensive if it makes you laugh. If it doesn’t make you laugh then you have an appropriate criticism. In comedy content is secondary to humor. Content is a matter of free speech. Do we still believe in that concept.

    I’m a 73 year old, white lefty female and Chappelle made me laugh.

    • Aaron Lee says:

      I agree, comedy is supposed to make you laugh, but the choice of who or what to expend for it is yours. I don’t think it’s right to expend a group that has just got it’s footing.

  19. Amine says:

    if you don’t find chappelle’s comedy funny, you’re a boring fucking person and god help your friends and family for putting up with you

  20. Ciera says:

    This political correctness it’s becoming nonsense!!! Comedians talk about everything and if one does not like that certain jokes then go to the comedian one prefers!!! Tough for these little groups here and there who are offended, grow skin and get used to it!!!! “GO Dave Chappelle GO”

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