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What do you do on Playboy’s Sex Court? ^ Um, well, to put it bluntly, get naked and play! (Laughing) Just kidding… actually I’m the new Stenographer. I get to sit on my plush bench and type on my stenograph-type machine, play with Alexandra (Silk) and her toys (we hung candy canes off of my nipples one time), join in on the judgments and basically have the time of my life!
What’s Julie Strain (Judge on “Sex Court”) really like? ^ She is one of the most cool and admirable people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is focused, professional, damn talented and best of all a genuine no-kiss-a*s-100%-real-honest-to-goodness sweetheart. I really look up to her, and I hope one day I will be as successful and grounded as she is.
Do you have a wild story for us from the show? ^ Um, well, I’m not sure how much I can get away with saying on here, but this one time we had a case where there were two young girls (like 18) prosecuting each other because, I can’t remember. I think one of them only wanted to do it doggy-style or something. Anyway, all day long in the green room I watched all the guys hit on them and it was pretty damn funny… especially when during the trial one of the girls lifted up her skirt and (no panties) a huge REAL dick flopped out! The producers had decided to play a joke on everyone, so no one knew that the he/she was in the process of getting a sex change – everybody in the entire building just about s**t the floor! THAT was a real shocker!
What’s the biggest misconception about you? ^ For one, a liar. People don’t always believe me when I tell them about my background. Hockey, drums, truck, graduating high school at 15, construction, feminine and whatever else. That kind of sucks. Then there’s the big misconception that I’m stuck up or superficial, selfish, deceitful, weak, typical or uninteresting. I get stereo-typed a lot. But you know what? I’m not any of those things so, ha! (Laughing)
What are your inspirations as an actress? ^ To always make people smile, to never become a demanding, cranky bitch, to always be able to be happy with everything that I do and to be respected for my self-successes.
Have your looks ever been a hindrance in terms of getting roles? ^ In this industry, that’s one of the key factors to getting parts. Everything weighs so heavily on what you look like, that a lot of people become very self-absorbed and forget that personality (a good one nonetheless) is just as important too. Everyone gets turned down at one time or another, and it’s not because they were too fat or not pretty enough, it’s just that the directors/producres have generic yet specific guidelines of who or what the character has to be like. Sometimes it’s as simple as the fact that I’m blonde, sometimes it isn’t. But I don’t dwell on it ever! That’s the fastest road to failure, for sure.
What’d be your ideal film project? ^ A starring role as an Adam Sandler/Lucille Ball type character in a mainstream comedy. I would love to do a silly-type comedy and be able to make funny faces, talk funny, act funny, you know kind of like the clumsy dork I used to be! (Laughing)
What’s your message for America’s youth? ^ The same exact message I have for the rest of the world: Everything happens for a reason, and one day if it isn’t now, we will understand what that reason was and rejoice. And that’s the truth, whether you believe me or not. So, there. (Pouting. Then laughing) Just kidding, I’m really not that pushy I swear. Now, stop asking me questions and end the damn interview already! (Laughs)
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