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By Bobby LePire | May 23, 2024

Michael S. Rodriguez’s Daisy is a unique exploration of the owner-pet relationship, taking a morbid twist. The story revolves around Felix (Michael Wainwright), an auto mechanic who inherits his late father’s garage. However, his lack of business acumen leads to mediocre sales. The plot takes a dark turn when a couple in need of a vehicle part walks in, and instead of assisting them, Felix commits a heinous act.

Zero (Wade Pierson) and Jerry (Manuel Ramirez) embark on a suspenseful journey through the small town where the garage is located, desperately searching for their missing loved ones. They stumble upon the horrifying truth that Felix has been harboring a cryptid named Daisy (Jamie Krivobok), using unsuspecting victims as its food. This revelation puts them in grave danger as they become the next potential meal for the insatiable beast. Will Wade and Jerry manage to escape with their lives and expose the evil that’s been lurking in the shadows?

The independent nature of Daisy is most evident in its driving scenes. They have an unusual green screen look that distracts from the point of those moments. Also, lighting in some scenes may be basic. Still, it effectively enhances the mystery and ominous atmosphere, particularly in the latter half of this 62-minute film.

“…they become the next potential meal for the insatiable beast.”

Yet, the film shines in several aspects. Stephanie Galvan’s makeup work is truly commendable, bringing Daisy to life in a way that is both terrifying and realistic. Tricia Minty’s score, with its perfectly timed crescendos and eerie undertones, heightens the horror vibe to a chilling degree. Wade and Jerry’s decision to venture into the unknown is not only logical but also adds to the suspense. Finally, Rodriguez’s direction creates a terrifying world filled with blood and gore, with the viscera looking appropriately juicy and disgusting.

The cast is a standout, delivering performances that are both chilling and captivating. Wainwright’s portrayal of Felix is eerie and unsettling. Krivobok’s depiction of Daisy is realistic and terrifying. Ramirez’s character is easy to root for. Pierson’s handling of the dramatic stakes is commendable, evoking genuine fear in the audience.

Daisy is a chilling descent into the unknown. While the lighting and driving scenes may not be perfect, the film is saturated with a sense of impending doom, courtesy of the titular monster. The cast breathes life into their characters, with special mention to Wainwright and Krivobok for their unsettling performances. The direction creates an atmosphere thick with eeriness and blood, intensifying the horror.

Daisy (2024)

Directed and Written: Michael S. Rodriguez

Starring: Michael Wainwright, Wade Pierson, Manuel Ramirez, Jamie Krivobok, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Daisy Image

"…special mention to Wainwright and Krivobok for their unsettling performances."

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