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The Dracula Monologues

By Alan Ng | April 30, 2024

Based on the works of Bram Stoker, writer/director Bryan Enk presents the stories of three well-known characters from Stoker’s world of Dracula in his short film, The Dracula Monologues.

Steve Bishop is the Captain telling the story of the final voyage of the infamous ship, Demeter. Robert Honeywell is R.M. Renfield recounts his encounter with his master to his doctor, John Seward. Finally, Carrie Johnson is Lucy Westenra, who speaks of her relationship with the mysterious Count Dracula.

“…presents the stories of three well-known characters from Stoker’s world of Dracula…”

Shot in the simplest way, our three actors are set against a black background, the camera is tight on their faces, and sound and lighting effects accent their monologues. Personally, I would have liked the emotion cranked up a notch or two; Bishop, Honeywell, and Johnson give excellent performances akin to radio dramas.

The no-frills cinema experience allows us to focus in on the story and the words spoken by the cast. The Dracula Monologues is a vampire must-watch for any Stoker fan.

The Dracula Monologues (2024)

Directed and Written: Bryan Enk

Starring: Steve Bishop, Robert Honeywell, Carrie Johnson, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Dracula Monologues Image

"…a vampire must-watch..."

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