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Creatures of Necessity

By Alan Ng | December 8, 2023

Creatures of Necessity is a very low-budget indie thriller, which has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the bad and move our way up. The film suffers, sadly, because it looks like an indie film production. The story plays out much more like a stage play than a big Hollywood psychological thriller. In situations like this, I encourage as much plagiarism as possible with everything except the story (for obvious reasons). Steal from the best in terms of camera angles, movement, shot composition, and lighting designed to maximum thrills. The shots were good, but they could have been upgraded for almost no money.

The acting is a bit hit-or-miss. Half of the cast is good, and the other feels like they’re trying way too hard to emote. The standouts are Gilkerson and Fitih. As Isabella, Gilkerson carries much of the film on her back and shines. There’s this dual performance that Gilkerson gives. On the outside, she appears to be this helpless, strung-out junkie. On the inside, she is calculating, assessing her captors, and looking for a way not just to escape but to exact revenge. Her greatest skill is “pushing buttons.” Fitih, on the other hand, channels a bit of Idris Elba for a performance that requires the gravitas of Elba as the big bad’s smooth-talking attorney.

“…Gilkerson carries much of the film on her back and shines.”

Also going for Creatures of Necessity is its intriguing story of crossings and double-crossings. Yes, there is a plothole or two, but that’s pretty on par for the genre. As it stands, the plot at its base is fairly solid, with a bit of polish needed here and there. I enjoyed its bold ending. The narrative is not perfect, but I’d shudder to think how the big studios would have eviscerated it in the end. The great benefit of being an indie production is the filmmakers got to tell their story the way they wanted, warts and all.

Considering this is an indie production taking place in a single location, the thriller elements work beautifully. However, what makes Creatures of Necessity good is that it offers an exciting and thought-provoking story. If you can look beyond its low-budget flaws, the film becomes quite a thrilling ride.

For screening information, visit the Creatures of Necessity official web page. Creatures of Necessityis a 2023 Award This! Indie Action/Thriller nominee.

Creatures of Necessity (2022)

Directed: Christian Kazadi

Written: Njedeh Anthony

Starring: Mindy Gilkerson, Dane Oliver, Andrew John Morrison, Isaiah Locust, Johnjay Fitih, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Creatures of Necessity Image

"…the thriller elements work beautifully."

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