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Chloe at Nightfall

By Alan Ng | March 25, 2021

Doesn’t it make sense that in any relationship, honesty is the best policy? Tymon Brown’s short film, Chloe at Nightfall, reinforces the fact that it’s never as simple as that.

It’s not going to be an easy night for Chloe (Flora Wildes) as she arrives at the apartment of her ex-boyfriend, Shane (Bryndon Cook). He asked Chloe to help him move from his apartment as he accepted a new job offer in Barcelona. The two have been separate for quite a while, but their time together was cordial and very comfortable.

With the night coming to an end, Chloe struggles to let Shane know that she’s sick, very sick, the not-sure-what-it-is type of sick. The news comes as a shock, and the two are left staring at one another, not knowing what the next move will be, especially since Shane is about to hop on a plane and move far, far away.

“…she’s sick, very sick, the not-sure-what-it-is type of sick.”

Chloe at Nightfall is a small chapter in the middle of the long story that is this relationship. The majority of the short is the set-up, and Tymon Brown masterfully establishes the nature of Chloe and Shane’s relationship. Once he presents her medical condition, he is smart enough to step back and simply observe the two actors’ reactions. The characters’ response is less about words and more about their physical reaction in both touch and distance.

They say, “Show. Don’t tell,” and Chloe at Nightfall excels at doing just that. Leads Flora Wildes and Bryndon Cook have such great chemistry that it helps them to say what needs to be said without saying it. Good storytelling and great acting make for a fantastic and compelling short film.

Chloe at Nightfall (2021)

Directed and Written: Tymon Brown

Starring: Flora Wildes, Bryndon Cook, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Chloe at Nightfall Image

"…Flora Wildes and Bryndon Cook have such great chemistry..."

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